How to migrate PST files to Office 365 Cloud?

Microsoft Office 365 is designed especially for the business environment. It provides the various services to its users and hence gaining more users that wanted to use it. Now, think if you as the user or your organization want to migrate from one platform to another. Then the biggest concern of the user or the organization is the old database and hence one such migration is from the Outlook to Office 365. If you are facing the same problems and want an effective solution then, you came in the right place as here I will discuss briefly it…

An email client like MS Outlook users faces certain issues like Data safety and accessibility as a permanent problem. Many email clients like Outlook are trying their best to give more stability and better data security. But with the daily improvement or evolution of cloud-based platforms such as Office 365 is now becoming the choice for the Outlook users. As it has a better option to keep their email data more safe and secure.

Outlook PST corruption

If you have a PST file that contains your important emails out of the blue get corrupt because of the immediate shutdown of the system or by the virus attack. Then, what will you do in this situation?  I think you will try hard to save your important PST file at any cost.

To do this you have to execute the Outlook PST recovery. Now, you have two choices. The first choice is to try the Microsoft designed utility ‘Scanpst.exe’ or the second option is to take help from the alternative tool such as Outlook PST recovery. If you use the first option then it might help you in rescuing your corrupt PST file via ‘Scanpst.exe’ maybe, help you up to some limit or point, but it will not support the recovery of highly corrupted or damaged PST file and maybe put your data on the worse situation.

Rescue your PST file and then transfer it to a better platform

You can rescue your important PST file by choosing the relevant third-party tool. Since there are numerous tools available in the market with all promising features, it becomes hard for the user to make a wise selection. In such a case it is advised to use the most recommended third-party tool.

The SysInfo Outlook PST Repair is one of the most recommended third-party software that offers PST file migration to cloud-based platforms to get better access and data security.

Why users are now choosing the cloud-based migration over PST conversion

The PST conversion to various other file formats is a good choice. But many Outlook uses want to save their Outlook emails to Office 365. As the cloud-based platforms such as Office 365, offers the availabiHow to migrate PSTlity of the important PST files directly with unlimited links to them. These transferred PST files can be available universally.

Reasons about the migration from the Outlook

Mostly users working professionally have a bulk of PST files in their environment. These PST files you can easily accessor available on the local devices, network shares, and removable media, etc.  This huge amount of availability of the PST files can make a centralization project more difficult to handle.  While transferring these PST files to Office 365, organizations transfer these PST files to the Exchange Online mailbox or Exchange Online archive to store the data.  As this will solve many problems related to the PST files, some of are written below:

  • Not managed by the central: it is impossible to tell or confirm that the amount or number of PST files that are present or available in the infrastructure, where they are, or whom they belong.
  • Not significant and highly-priced: Many Organizations tried hard to centralize their PSTs via NAS and or file servers risk data loss, file corruption, and Outlook speed reduction. all of these are very costly or not approachable
  • Major security risk: Portability of PSTs increases the chances of data leakage and also makes it easy prey for virus attack or malware attack.
  • Legal and compliance obstacle: Organizations cannot enforce retention policies, and legal departments struggle to ensure they have complete discoveries to defend cases.

These password-protected PSTs files are not encrypted. These passwords are manipulated by the moderately skilled attacker via popular tools and techniques. If by chance your PST remains unlocked then, it can be loaded into Outlook by anyone.

Reasons for importing PST data to Office 365

As we know that Cloud migration is more safe and secure because there is a zero probability of getting your data damaged or lost. Here, I have written a few points or reasons that boost you to move your data to Office 365 are -.

  • There is a very low chance or risk of data loss as Office 365is known for its secure and safe features so there are low or negligible chances of getting your PST corrupted.
  • The cost of maintaining and managing email clients such as MS Outlook can be neglected.
  • Office 365 provides high accessibility in comparison to Outlook.
  • You can access your emails in a quick and smooth way irrespective of the location and by using any device that has internet connectivity.

Conclusion or the last words

In this blog, I have tried to explain all the reasons that will justify the need for Office 365 to Outlook users. As you already know that today one of the major problems of the users is to protect its PST files safe and secure and avoid or reduce the chances of the PST file corruption. Although Outlook tries its best to improve its features till now but still it is unable to satisfy its customer’s needs. This gap is filled by the cloud Office 365 which is suitable and justifies its features according to the user’s choice. Hence for the conversion process, it is necessary to get the help of the alternative tool that will help you in transferring your PST files to Office 365 more smoothly and quickly.

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