How to speed up your personal computer

While using personal computer for personal or office work , sometimes we may feel that pc working very slowly.

Here are few tips to speed up your personal computers it may be desktop or laptop.

  1. Press Windows+R from keyboard a pop up of Run command appears.
  2. Type msconfig hit enter you will get see system configuration window like below
How to speed up your personal computer

3. Go to services tab you will get see Hide all Microsoft services check box down ,

Check it. Now you can see all processes expect Microsoft services. simply examine every service.

If you feel not to invoke any of service tick in the proved check box, don’t touch any video , audio, lan and anti virus processes.

Look for services like browser updates , adobe updates etc. check them, press apply & ok.

4. Go to startup tab, select on open task manager option , the task manager pop window will appear on your screen

you have select programs or applications which are not useful at the time of system start up time and disable them.

5. Go to windows start menu search bar , type %temp% command hit enter .

(Make sure , close all windows and applications before using this command so that it will delete all history)

A pop up window with numerous folders will appear , Press Ctrl+ A from your keyboard delete all the temporary files

used by computer from a long time.

6. uninstall unnecessary software from computer using Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features

7. Disk cleanup and disk defragmentation options also help the computer to perform better and quick.

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