Must-Known Websites List in 2024

Explore the essential websites of 2024 and expand your online knowledge with our comprehensive list.

The past few years have seen an explosion in artificial intelligence tools that are accessible to everyone. As we look ahead to 2024, there are some incredibly powerful AI tools that are completely free for personal use. These tools allow anyone to harness the power of AI for content creation, productivity, data analysis, and much more. 

In this post, we will look at the top website which offer free AI tools that you should definitely check out and use in 2024. These tools are innovative, useful and make AI more accessible. So let’s get started!

Stay updated with the must-known websites of 2024 through our curated list.

If you want to easily add your face to trending GIFs and memes, then is an essential tool. This website uses AI face swap technology to seamlessly integrate your face into any GIF or short video clip. It’s perfect for creating fun and engaging social media posts. The interface is super user-friendly – just upload a selfie and the GIF you want to be featured in. The AI does the rest, allowing you to download the resulting video. (

Voxxio leverages AI to create storyboards and scripts from audio. This is an invaluable tool for video creators and marketers. Simply upload an audio file like a podcast, audiobook or presentation. Voxxio’s AI will transcribe the audio and create an animated storyboard. This gives you a visual guide and framework that makes creating videos from audio content far easier.

Dubbing AI is the perfect voice acting and dubbing tool. It utilizes AI voice cloning technology to let you create synthetic voices that sound just like real people. You can make the AI clone your own voice or the voice of a celebrity. This opens up many possibilities for creating narration, animation voices, audiobooks, and foreign language dubbing. The cloning process only requires a few voice samples from the person you want to clone.

SendBig allows you to easily share large files up to 30GB. Whether it’s videos, images, documents or any other file type, you can share it with end-to-end encryption and a download link for secure access. SendBig is perfect for transferring big design files, videos or any other large media. It’s faster and more convenient than email attachments or cloud storage links.

Viroll uses AI to create viral short form video content optimized for apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Simply input a text description of the video you want, and Viroll’s AI will generate a script and storyboard. You can then produce the AI-generated video idea yourself or use Viroll’s network of human creators. It’s an unparalleled tool for creating shareable video content that resonates.

This AI-powered background remover makes editing product photos infinitely easier. No more painstaking manual cutting or messy edges. Just upload your photo, and the AI removes backgrounds in one click while preserving fine details like hair and fibers. The resulting transparent background makes editing product shots into listings, social posts and ads effortless.


Jasper is an AI writing assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Whether you need an essay, email, report, or blog post, simply describe what you need and Jasper will generate it for you in seconds. The key is Jasper’s Constitutional AI framework which ensures the AI behaves ethically and helpfully. Jasper enables you to be more productive and creative. 

The growth of artificial intelligence is only accelerating. As these free tools demonstrate, AI is becoming accessible to all. In 2024, we can expect even more powerful innovations that put simple yet transformative AI capabilities into everyone’s hands.