Best online logo makers

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A logo is a small icon, an image that represents the primary purpose of your business. Each company, sooner or later, need to develop a logo that will be displayed on business cards, the website, printing products, and documents. Based on this, a logo is a must for all businesses.

In the overwhelming majority, each organization has its unique logo. The logo performs an important function. Many logos have a standard set of parameters: vector drawing, icon, and text. When a user visits numerous sites, he sees the same logos. Clones are distinguished only by the font and colour scheme, and as for the picture, it is not difficult to replace the outline of a tiny icon over a square or circle with any other.

LOGASTER is an online logo maker. In the constructor, you can download a free logo without watermarks in PNG format. The constructor supports PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG formats. When working with logos, the rights to personal and commercial use of the logo and to register a trademark are assigned.

Logomaker is a service for generating a logo. Unfortunately, the service is only available in English, but if that doesn’t stop you, you can take full advantage of the online generator.

DesignMantic is an online logo design tool with a user-friendly interface that ultimately provides the user with a ready-made logo. The service also allows you to create a business card with your logo.

Using the possibilities of Logogarden, you can make a logo for your company on your own. The service offers a good selection of icons and fonts. To start development, you need to select the company’s theme, and the service, in turn, will offer logo options. You can download the logo both in raster and in vector.