New tools for preventing comment spam & channel impersonation are released by YouTube

To reduce the number of spam comments and fake channels, YouTube Creators are now granted access to a new option for comments on YouTube Studio. Creators will have the option to choose the “increase strictness” option. The company also said this would build on the previous “hold potentially inappropriate comments for review” option and cut down on anonymous and spammy comments.

The video platform owned by Google claimed that this is a technique used by those who claim to have bigger and more well-established channels. Impersonators frequently post a comment on the videos of others to lure viewers to their fake websites.

YouTube admitted that some of its creators prefer to conceal their subscriber count when trying to build an audience. However, it stated that this would make it more secure for all. In the case of fake channels that use special characters to mimic more well-known creators, this method is likely to become less efficient, according to the report. YouTube has stated that it restricts the characters users can choose to use when updating the name of a channel.