Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows11, is coming soon. It provides high speed, enhanced security, and a significant increase in battery life for laptops and tablets. This is possible through code optimization, energy-saving algorithms, and a reduction of background processes. Windows 11 users will enjoy a new, stunning interface that is sure to delight. To make it easier to use this OS, there will be new menu items and simplified navigation. Once the installation is complete, the desktop will be loaded with shortcuts that are located in the middle of the taskbar.

You can access the installed apps, tips, or other tools by pressing the Start button. It may be familiar to Windows 10X, Microsoft’s modular operating system. This was stopped earlier in the year. Windows 11 uses the same icons that Windows 10X. Microsoft abandoned the Live Tiles from the Start menu and replaced them with a simple list containing apps. The arrangement of icons on the taskbar’s taskbar has been slightly altered. The search window opens when you click on it. It is similar to Windows 10. You can search for files on your computer and data from the Internet using the search tool. The personalization menu allows users to change their desktop wallpaper.

You will also notice UI changes made as part of Sun Valley’s update, including rounded corner windows and new system icons. you can change Start menu and other icons to left side of the taskbar if you want.

This position is familiar to most Windows 10 users. The taskbar has some changes as well. The taskbar has not been modified in any way. It still allows you to present tasks and group “workspaces.” You can also switch between tabs and windows. Cortana’s voice assistant has been removed from the Start menu. It is now available separately. Microsoft also offers the FancyZones tool that allows you to arrange individual windows into “zones” on your desktop. This tool is now available in every window-running application. To see all the options for placing windows in the workspace, hover your mouse cursor over maximize windows icon. While Windows 11 may look a lot the same as the previous operating system, it is important to note that Windows 11 has many innovations. Numerous widgets can be accessed via the shortcut in the taskbar.

Windows 11 dont have any desktop widgets. Instead, it hosts enhanced version of the news and interests widget. Although it seems not all apps that users assume are safe have been ported to Windows 11, it is unclear if this was done intentionally or due to Microsoft’s development timeline. Many of the apps that are displayed on the Start menu can be accessed as shortcuts to downloading. This message says that some applications didn’t start in the assembly created by enthusiasts and that Explorer did not allow access to certain folders.

These problems will be fixed when the stable OS version is released.

Edge 91 is used in the assembly. The “Control Panel” remains present and looks nearly the same as Windows 10, with some modifications to reflect new features. Windows Update and Task Manager are the same as the previous OS version. Win32 apps that can install and run on Windows 11 are supported.