Windows 10 login Issues – How to reset

The following guide provides answers to common Windows10 login issues. Sometimes you may forget password

because it not easy to memorize. There are few scenarios listed below where login issues may occur.

When Caps Lock is on

Passwords from Windows have to be entered case-sensitive, in other words, every time you enter a password, every letter has to be entered exactly as it was entered when the password was made.

In the event that you inadvertently press the Caps Lock key (occasionally, the title of this key is composed as

Caps Lock ), the password will be entered in capital letters.  Make sure Caps Lock is off when your creating the password.

When Incorrect password entered

In case you can’t remember your password, then you need to reset it with a password reset disk or administrator accounts.

To learn more, see Reset Windows Password option.

When computer administrator reset password

When the computer is joined to a system, the administrator has the choice to reset your password.  If you feel this is actually the origin of the issue, contact your administrator.

When the computer is joined to a workgroup, anybody with an administrator account on your computer may change the password. So make sure check with network department.

Fake user accounts 

In case you’ve got several user accounts on your own computer, be sure that the account you’re attempting to log on with same credentials.

Failed to login with fingerprint

When the fingerprint scanner doesn’t operate, an upgraded driver or program could be available for downloading from Action Center or Windows Update.

So update, your windows operating system once.

fingerprint scanner to acquire drivers which are compatible with this version of Windows.

How to reset windows 10 password

Hit the power button for 2 or 3 times, system automatically jump into automatic repair screen.

Find advance options button and you will see a screen with several options press command prompt.

Go to windows installed directory using below change directy command(cd)

Type cd windows & hit enter and cd system32 & enter

then you will see following C:\WINDOWS\system32

Use below commands for further process

ren utilman.exe utilman2.exe

copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

When Windows 10 reboots find easy of access icon when you press on it , a new command prompt will open up.

type control userpasswords2 . A popup will appear with user accounts then select account you wanted to reset.

Reverse the above mentioned steps to get original state of easy of access.