Bulk YouTube Shorts with Canva

You can greatly improve efficiency and save time creating YouTube shorts by using Canva to generate multiple video designs based on a data table. This allows you to batch produce customized shorts.

Uploading a CSV File  Start by creating a CSV file with your video titles, subtitles, and other text.  Upload this CSV file to Canva and connect it to a template.

Connecting Data to Video Elements  In your Canva template, insert text boxes and connect them to columns in your CSV data file.  This maps your titles, subtitles etc. to the template.

Generating Multiple Videos With the template set up, Canva will now render each row in your CSV as a separate video design.  You can generate hundreds of videos in minutes.

Downloading Individual Files  Finally, export your Canva bulk YouTube shorts as individual video files.  You now have a library of customized shorts ready to upload.