How to fix laptop lagging windows 11

Ensure your device is not overheating: Excessive heat can cause laptop lag or slowing down while charging. Make sure your laptop has proper ventilation and is not clogged with dust.

Make sure your Power Adapter is in good condition : A faulty power adapter can lead to laptop overheating or charging problems. Use the original power adapter that came with your laptop or a compatible third-party adapter.

Change the Power Settings.   Incorrect power plan settings can lead to laptop lag or slowdown while charging. Set the Power Mode to Better Performance or Best Performance to improve performance.

Change the Processor Power Management Settings : Preventing your processor from reaching its peak performance can help fix laptop lag or slowdown issues while charging. Reduce the percentage next to Plugged in under the maximum processor state to 95% or lower.

Run a Full Antivirus Scan A virus or malware infection can also cause laptop slowdown.  Run a full antivirus scan with the Windows Security app to rule out any security threats.

Use Your Laptop When it isn’t charging: If no methods work in your favor, your device needs to be inspected by a technician to rule out the hardware issues.