How to make your desktop computer work faster

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In the midst of the crisis the planet is experiencing due to the pandemic caused by the covid-19 , the use of home computers has increased considerably. And whether it’s used to work remotely, enjoy multimedia content, or communicate with family or friends, a slow computer can be quite a headache.

But do not worry, there are some functions of the computer with which you can clean it yourself and put it into operation in a few minutes.

Also, there are programs with very reasonable prices that complement those that already come natively and, if you wish, there are also some computer technicians who work remotely, that is, they connect from their homes to your PC and do all the process for you.

However, we must be aware that if we are talking about a computer with more than 7 years of use, and which has not been maintained, perhaps the best solution is to think of a new one – and they are not expensive. But start by trying to fix your machine.

Say goodbye to slow loading times – turbocharge your desktop computer now!

Windows, the most used operating system in the world, provides a series of functions so that the user himself can optimize his computer.

1. Clean the desktop.

Its the first. It leaves only the applications you use every day.

2. Uninstall what you don’t use .

To do this you have to look for the option to ‘add or remove programs’ in the search engine (box with the magnifying glass, bottom left) and there it eliminates those that you do not use.

3. Clean your hard drive .

Type ‘cleanmgr’ in the browser (without the quotes) to bring up the ‘Disk Cleanup’ application. Right-click and choose the option to open as administrator. When doing so, a window will be displayed in which you can choose which hard drive you want to free.

Select and click ‘next’ to start a scan of files that are unnecessary for the PC. Then, you can select what you want to delete, click ‘accept’ and you’re done. With the same ‘cleanmgr’, try cleaning also the ‘system files’ that are not needed, like old updates. All this is safe, automatic and very useful.

4. Defragment the hard drive.

The files that are saved in the computer have different parts, as if it were a library with many books, so when defragmenting the hard disk, what is done is to better accommodate each of those ‘books’ to obtain better performance of the system.

To do so, open the start menu and look for ‘defragment‘. Choose the hard drive you want to defragment and click ‘optimize’. This can take time and it is best if you do not use the device for the duration of the process.

5. Total reset.

It is leaving the PC as it came from the factory. This is a radical option and is used in desperate cases. To do this, you must go to settings, then ‘Update and security’, click ‘recovery’ and then ‘start’. Remember to copy all your files before this to a hard disk, as they will all be erased.

6.Invest in a good antivirus

A great enemy of computers are computer viruses or ‘malwares’. These malicious files slow down devices, damage components, and can even steal information.

For this reason, a good antivirus is a fundamental tool to maintain the good performance of a PC . Windows 10 natively brings Windows Defender, which is a good free antivirus option. However, some options such as Avira, in its free version, Avast or AVG offer more complete systems that can keep the user safe when browsing.

You can also consider paying for an antivirus like Norton, considered by many to be the best in the world, as it offers many services. The annual price, for a 10-device plan, which includes not only Windows and Mac computers but also smartphones and tablets, can be purchased for up to $ 56 a year.

For its part, Avast offers a very complete plan, also with protection against viruses, spyware, malicious software and ransomware. As well as a VPN service for safe online browsing for a similar price.

There are also programs that automatically clean and optimize your computer : AVG Tune Up is one of them. With these, you can suspend applications in the background, remove add-ons from browsers that make it slow and keep programs updated automatically.

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