Take Your AirTags to Next Level with These Tricks

Apple’s AirTags have quickly become a popular way to keep track of your belongings. These small, circular tracking devices can be attached to keys, wallets, backpacks, and more. Then, using the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can locate misplaced items with just a few taps.

AirTags Tips for Users

While AirTags seem simple to use out of the box, there are some tips and tricks that can help you get even more utility out of these handy gadgets. Here are some ways to master your AirTags and keep tabs on your stuff.

Precision Finding

One of the handiest AirTag features is Precision Finding. When you get within Bluetooth range of a lost AirTag, you can activate this mode in the Find My app. It will provide directional arrows and the distance to help pinpoint exactly where the AirTag is located. This is perfect for digging under couch cushions or locating keys tossed in the bottom of a bag.

High Value Items

Attach AirTags to belongings you really don’t want to lose. This could include wallets, passports, luggage, laptop bags, or even pets! For pets, be sure to use a sturdy collar attachment. Knowing you can locate these prized items provides serious peace of mind. You can even use AirTags to keep track of children by attaching them to backpacks, jackets, or stuffed animals.

Emoji Labels

The Find My app allows you to label each AirTag with an emoji icon. This makes it easy to identify different AirTags at a glance. A bike emoji could represent the AirTag on your bicycle while a dog emoji stands for the one on your pet’s collar. Get creative with the labels to suit your particular items.

Engrave AirTags

For even easier identification, you can engrave a name, initials, phone number or short phrase on your AirTags. Engravings show up whenever the AirTag is scanned. This ensures you get your lost item back even if the finder doesn’t have an iPhone to check the AirTag’s serial number.

Get A Protective Case

For AirTags that will be exposed to the elements, get a protective case. Silicone, leather and waterproof cases are available from many manufacturers. This prevents dings, dents and moisture damage to your AirTags while keeping them securely attached. Great for outdoor gear or tools used on job sites.

Use Multiple AirTags

To keep thorough tabs on all your stuff, use multiple AirTags. Place one in your luggage, one on your key ring, one in your car, and one on your pet. With all your belongings covered, you’ll have peace of mind no matter what goes missing.

Hide AirTags Cleverly

When attaching AirTags, consider clever hiding spots. You can place them inside bags in interior pockets where they won’t be noticed. Or tape them inside furniture or electronics. Get creative with the hiding places to keep your AirTag covert.

Fun Accessories

You don’t have to stick with basic AirTag accessories. Fun colors and patterns are available to stylize your AirTags. Some great options include keychains, bag charms, phone grips, and leather straps. Show off your personal flair!

Enable Lost Mode

If an item with an AirTag goes missing, enable Lost Mode in the Find My app. This will make the AirTag emit a sound if anyone moves it. Plus, you can enter a phone number so anyone who finds it can contact you. Lost Mode transforms the AirTag into a virtual lost and found.

Utilize Find My Network

Even if an AirTag is far away from your iPhone, it can still be located using Apple’s vast Find My network. Millions of Apple devices automatically detect lost AirTags anonymously and relay the location back to you securely. This expands your tracking range immensely.

Replace Batteries

AirTags are designed for a long battery life of about one year. But eventually batteries will need to be replaced to keep them functioning. Luckily, the CR2032 batteries are inexpensive and easy to find. Just be sure to replace them before they die so tracking works uninterrupted.

Following these AirTag tips and tricks will ensure you get the most out of Apple’s item trackers. You’ll be able to keep eyes on valuables, organize multiple items efficiently, and track things down if they ever go missing. With your belongings covered, you can breathe easy knowing your AirTags have you covered.

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