Chinese scientists create robot fish that eat micro plastics

Photo by Alfo Medeiros on

Robot fish that Chinese scientists have created “eats” microplastics. A team of Chinese scientists at Sichuan University, southwest China believes robot fish with microplastic-eating capabilities could one day help clean up the oceans.

They measure only 1.3 cm (0.5 inches) in size and are soft to the touch.They can already absorb microplastics in shallow waters. Wang Yuyan, one of the robot’s creators, stated that the team hopes to collect microplastics from deeper waters and provide real-time information for marine pollution analysis. “We created such a light, miniaturized robot.

It can be used for many purposes, including in biomedical and hazardous operations. The light irradiates the black robot fish, allowing it to flap its fins and move around its body. Scientists can use light to control the fish and prevent it from colliding with other fish or ships.

Wang stated that if it is accidentally eaten, it can be easily digested by other fish because it is made of polyurethane biocompatible. The fish can absorb pollutants and repair itself after being damaged. It can swim at a speed of 2.76 meters per second, which is faster than artificial soft robots.

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