Automate Your Testing with – End-to-End Test Automation Based on Real User Behavior

One tool that is revolutionizing the way testing is done is This platform turns your user sessions into a full testing automation pipeline, allowing you to ship fast without compromising quality.


  • Checksum automatically generates and maintains end-to-end tests based on user sessions, enabling you to move quickly without the fear of breaking things.
  • The platform saves months in development time with auto-generated tests that cover both happy paths and edge cases for maximum test coverage.
  • Tests are self-maintaining and auto-healing, thanks to Checksum’s AI Agent that automatically fixes tests when needed.


Checksum seamlessly integrates with popular tools such as Playwright, Cypress, Github, Gitlab, Jenkins, and CircleCI, making it easy to incorporate automated tests into your existing workflows.


How are tests generated and what is the coverage? 

Checksum trains an AI model on real user sessions from your production environment to learn how users interact with your app, helping generate automated tests with high coverage.

How do you test new features with an AI model trained on existing sessions?

 Checksum’s AI model can extrapolate from production sessions and adapt to test new features by learning UI conventions and user interactions.

What data is collected and is there an impact on production performance? 

To train the model, user sessions are recorded similar to tools like Fullstory or Hotjar, but data collection can be anonymized to protect user privacy without impacting performance.

Is SDK integration required? 

SDK integration is not mandatory; Checksum can also use help articles to teach the model and schedule a demo to assess feasibility.

By leveraging, developers can ensure their applications are thoroughly tested, maintain high quality, and save valuable time in the development process.