What are Wi-Fi Attacks & How to Fight

What Are Wi-Fi Attacks? Wi-Fi attacks refer to exploits and hacking attempts against wireless networks. Hackers can use readily available tools and software to intercept wireless traffic, steal data, gain unauthorized access, and launch denial of service attacks. The most common targets are Wi-Fi routers, access points, connected devices and users connected to public hotspots. … Read more

Cyber Secure: Automated & Integrated!

Cyber security has become an essential part of our lives, and it needs to be automated and integrated for maximum effectiveness. This article discusses how automation and integration can help make our online presence safer and more secure. Making Cyber Security Automated & Integrated! Automation and integration are two of the most important aspects of … Read more

How to safeguard your personal computer from ransomware

safeguard your personal computer from ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of noxious programming that encodes the records of its casualties. The programmers then ask a payoff from the casualty in return for recapturing admittance to their information. Ransomware assaults are turning out to be progressively normal, with a few high-profile assaults standing out as truly newsworthy lately. Luckily, there are a … Read more

What Are The Differences Between Network Security And Ethical Hacking?

Differences Between Network Security And Ethical Hacking

Because of misusing data and the rise in cyberattacks, ethical hackers and cyber security specialists are in high demand. There is a scarcity of qualified people that can assist businesses in protecting their systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. If you have the necessary skills, there are a lot of opportunities in this profession.  … Read more

Cyber security threat predictions in 2022

Cyber security threat predictions in 2022

Despite the latest security software, firewalls, and end-to-end encryption processes, cyber criminals find new ways to incorporate security systems with tiny loopholes daily. In 2021, we went through some of the most vulnerable hacks around the world. In order to combat such attacks every individual tech savvy should follow security measures to safeguard their personal … Read more

The Impact of Cybersecurity on the Development & Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT)

How Cybersecurity might affect the Development and Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, new innovative technology is coming at full speed than ever before. The internet of Things (IoT) market was worth around $157 billion back in 2016 and it’s estimated to rise to a whopping $480 billion by 2021. Nearly every device that we see and use around is connected to the internet and almost interlinked … Read more

Cyber Security Basics You Need To Be Aware of

Cyber security Basics

1.Avoid Sharing & clicking on anonymous hyperlinks Clicking everywhere without examining the website’s validity or downloading an attachment without even knowing that the sender of this email may cause malicious applications to enter your device. It could be an infected URL that results in the ransomware setup that blocks some data usage if you don’t … Read more

What is Phishing & How to avoid it

how to avoid Phishing

Phishing is a system of internet fraud. With its aid, attackers decides to try to tempt confidential data from the individual or induce him to shoot any unwelcome activities. Gullible users have been captured fish inside the example of personal adware, and imitation internet sites created by cybercriminals are the bait and hook. These sites … Read more

The cyber attacks cost victims the most money : Be careful

the cyber attacks cost victims the most money be careful 1221

There are so many cyber attacks which in one way or another can compromise our personal computer systems. Some are intended to steal passwords, data, infect your computer and make it malfunction. many varieties that hackers use to achieve their targets. But not all provide the same value. In this guide, we are going to … Read more

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