Google has released AI tools for Workspace

Google has recently given AI capabilities to Docs and Gmail, allowing you to type a topic and have AI generate the text.
Google is introducing an AI-powered tool to assist users with brainstorm, writing and editing tasks within Google Docs and Gmail.

Google has released AI tools for Workspace

AI-enabled writing tools will be available for Google Docs and Gmail.
An AI-tool can be used to produce images in Google Slides.
Google is integrating AI-driven tools into Google Workspace to enable users to “generate, link and collaborate”. This will bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to tools such as Google Docs and Gmail. It will aid people in writing, editing, and making a topic quickly.

Google has now introduced an AI-powered writing tool within its Docs and Gmail apps, allowing users to access AI tools directly within the Workspace.

Google has introduced the new era of Google Workspace, equipped with AI-powered tools to promote goal achievement across Gmail, Doc, Slides, Sheets, Meet and Chat. Specific features are available which will facilitate users with their respective tasks.

On Gmail, you can draft, reply, summarize, and set priority on emails.

The process of writing involves brainstorming, proofreading, drafting and revising in a document editor.

Slides allows the auto-generation of images, audio, and video.

Sheets allows for the transformation of raw data into analyzed insights through automated completion, formulas and contextual categorization.

In Meet, you can create new backgrounds and take notes.

Enable workflows to facilitate task completion in Chat.

AI tools have caught the attention of many, especially for their potential to improve Google Docs and Gmail. Soon users may be able to simply enter a topic and let Google Docs create an entire document. Gmail could even generate and then automatically deliver a resignation letter. Although this is similar to ChatGPT’s capabilities, Google has more up its sleeve that could set it apart from competitors.

Let us examine the new capabilities of Google Docs or Gmail with AI-assisted functions.

Gmail and Docs contain AI-based tools.
Google’s new AI-based tool for Gmail and Doc users provides drafting help on demand. To use it, simply enter a topic into the AI box and a corresponding initial outline will be generated. This collaborative AI partner also offers further suggestions during the editing process.

The new tool can provide assistance with brainstorming, concept formation and overcoming writer’s block. It can be utilized for a wide range of tasks, from essays to job descriptions to script writing for videos. The AI-powered tool provides comprehensive support.

AI-based tools can make it easier for users to rewrite topics, adjusting for tone and style preferences. These tools come in handy when needing a refined version of notes or bullet points, or to produce a polished summary from them. With AI-powered capabilities in Gmail or Docs, users can quickly generate essays or emails based on the notes they input. This takes some of the effort out of producing high-quality pieces of text.

Gmail users will be able to access an AI-tool with voice commands by selecting the “I’m feeling lucky” option.

AI can do work for us, but will it replace us? Google has the answer to this question – AI tools are intended to be operated by users and not take their place. Google introduces AI tools to empower users.

Google has designed its products grounded in the Google AI Principles, which maintain user control over AI-generated suggestions that can be edited or changed.

Currently, Google is providing its new generative AI experiences to a select number of trusted testers throughout the year, prior to opening it up to the public. Eventually, access to the experiences will be given to all.

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