is an AI note-taking app designed specifically for individuals with ADHD, allowing them to capture, recall, and build on information without feeling overwhelmed or forgetful.

  • is an AI note-taking app tailored for ADHDers.
  • The app helps users capture, search, and build on information without context switching or forgetfulness.
  • It caters to various professionals like entrepreneurs, ADHD coaches, researchers, managers, and content creators.
  • The app allows users to capture information without disruption and note & save in one step to stay in their focus flow.
  • Users can easily find what they want and get direct answers with citations to save time.
  • The app helps users recall knowledge they forgot by suggesting related notes and enables searching and creating new insights in one tab.
  • offers automatic organization features like a smart inbox, tag suggestions, and connecting with similar knowledge.
  • Additional features include hierarchical folders, hardened security, capture on the go, and an AI task assistant (coming soon).