Do Dedicated Mobile Apps Have An Impact on Business Growth?

Until a few years ago, it was unbelievable to order doorstep delivery of restaurant food or book a doctor appointment using mobile apps. Many businesses simply because of the mobile apps could ride on the growth of the digitized economy. Naturally, there can be hardly any debate on mobile apps’ massive impact on business growth. 

Mobile Apps Have An Impact on Business Growth

According to a report, more than 42% of small businesses have their mobile apps now. Another report states that around 86% of enterprises consider hiring a remote app development company to build their apps. So, the impact of mobile apps on branding, business conversion, customer outreach, and boosting loyalty is already established. 

If you are still not convinced, let’s explain this impact in even more detail. 

Creating more value for customers 

These days creating business value primarily depends upon how sophisticated a user experience you can provide to your customers. Mobile apps allow businesses to offer engaging customer experiences by utilizing an array of advanced technologies. Creating value for customers now has become synonymous with building engaging customer-centric apps. 

Through an app, a business can create value for customers in numerous ways. If you are a brick-and-mortar departmental store, you can provide an immersive shopping experience to the in-store customers through an AR-based retail app. Similarly, you can create an on-demand app to provide various doorstep services. 

Many business startups bank upon mobile apps to offer unique value propositions to their customers. Innovative app features for startups have become common to make an impression and sail the brand through tough water if competition. The ease and convenience of connecting a business easily push business conversion. 

Establish a Stronger Brand

In proportion to the value you create for customers, you can create a stronger brand that keeps living in the mind of your customers. In this respect, it is important to remember that creating a great brand requires consistent and deliberate branding efforts. More than the traditional ads, now apps can create this strong brand. 

For some years, marketing agencies have considered mobile apps to be more effective tools to boost brand awareness and build a strong bonding with consumers. Since smartphone devices happen to be an integral part of everyday lives, utilizing mobile apps for brand promotion and awareness becomes much easier. 

Build a direct marketing channel

Apps have also become direct marketing channels for many businesses. Apps capable of catering to the interests of many people can easily keep customers informed about the product specifications, prices, configuration and production details, etc. Moreover, it offers the customer’s search feature, booking function, etc., to make the purchasing experience more accessible.

One of the greatest advantages offered by a mobile app is the ease of accessing business information. The app can offer information that customers can access instantly on their handheld screens. The app can also remind customers about products and services from time to time. 

Boost customer loyalty

The ultimate reason for many businesses to launch their own branded apps is to cultivate and nurture customer loyalty. Every business has some loyal customers who remain attached to a brand longer than others. Now, these loyal customers can have more motivation to make purchases through an app. For example, the frequent customers of an e-commerce store who access the store through the browser can feel delighted by having a new app to make their purchases.

On the other hand, ads and marketing messages are pasted and circulated in every nook and corner. From billboards to roadside banners to 

flashing signs and newspaper ads, flyers, the commercial ads and promotional content in their sheer volume is often overwhelming. This cacophony of ads and marketing messages often leaves no impact on the customers. This is where a customer-centric app can be highly effective.

When you are serious about establishing a true connection with the customers who happen to be frequent buyers of your product and services, an app can be more useful for establishing a loyal bond. 

Unique and délecta user experience 

These days customers often get bored quite easily. Customers generally look for a unique and pleasant experience when simply encountering business brands or shopping. The innovative mobile apps in this respect can be highly effective.

From wearable apps to mobile wallets to chatbot-based customer support to augmented and virtual reality for the immersive shopping experience to cloud-powered accessibility from any device anywhere, mobile apps can unleash cutting-edge technologies to deliver a unique and engaging customer experience.  

Staying competitively ahead 

While many brands offer the same product range and services to their customers, some stand out from others simply thanks to the sophisticated shopping experience they provide. This is possible for many brands with innovative apps. 

On the other hand, apps also help establish a level playing field for businesses across sizes and brand value. A small startup can stay competitive with a global brand simply because of the unique app user experience it delivers. Irrespective of product range or business deliverables, brands can stand equal or compete simply because of the user experience. 

Lastly, thanks to a mobile app, your opportunity to stand out in the digital universe is not just limited to search engine ranking. A business can completely get rid of diverse kinds of ranking troubles through an app and help redirect the customers to the business website.


So, from the above-mentioned elucidation, the huge impact mobile apps can have on businesses is explained. Mobile apps are not just another marketing channel or storefronts, but they are the consolidated avenue for marketing and customer outreach mechanisms. 

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