How Generative AI can be useful for digital marketing

  • Generate ad copy and headlines – AI systems like GPT-3 are very skilled at generating natural sounding marketing copy and catchy headlines that capture attention. Marketers can give the AI prompts with key information and let it create multiple variations to A/B test.
  • Create new product ideas – Generative AI can help ideate and expand on new product concepts and categories when given a starting prompt. This allows marketers to brainstorm outside the box.
  • Generate landing page content – The AI can take product descriptions, customer feedback, and other inputs to automatically generate unique content for landing pages, website copy, emails, etc. This saves time compared to writing from scratch.
  • Optimize and expand existing content – Give the AI existing marketing assets like blogs, ads, emails, etc. and have it generate additional related content, headlines, and optimized versions for A/B testing. This exponentially grows content libraries.
  • Personalize messaging – AI systems can take customer data like demographics, interests, and purchase history and generate personalized messaging and recommendations for each customer segment.
  • Predict customer needs – By analyzing past customer interactions and data, generative AI can better anticipate what customers want and what pain points to address in marketing campaigns and content.
  • Create visual assets – Some AI systems can generate unique images, logos, and other designs based on text prompts. This can help quickly create banners, infographics, and other visual assets.

The key benefit is generative AI allows marketers to scale content creation and ideation in a fast, affordable way. It works best paired with human oversight, creativity and strategy.

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