Why Augmented Reality is an Integral Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Are you aware of new technologies for marketing purposes?. This is good if you already know and if you are not aware of these technologies no worries we are here to introduce you to a new marketing strategy. Augmented Reality is changing the entire world of marketing. Every day new discoveries are made by industry experts. Before moving further we let me tell you about Augmented Reality.

How to Define Augmented Reality?

In simple words, Augmented Reality is a combination of the real world with the artificial or virtual world.

In other words, Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the physical world that we achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sounds, and simulation.

AR is one game-changer for marketing and product branding.

Application of AR in Marketing:

In Fitness

Application of AR marketing in Fitness

AR marketing is used for fitness tracking. Strava is the #1 platform that used AR for marketing purposes in fitness. In Strava with the help of AR technology, you can easily track your steps, cycle riding, and hike with the help of AR.

Cosmetic and Beauty

Application of AR Marketing in Cosemtic And Beauty

In beauty applications to showcase beautiful products. Loreal is the example they are using AR for their customer satisfaction and AR technology allows people to check their makeup at home.

Clothing Industry

You can try a dress without wearing it. Have you ever thought about this? This is possible just because of Augmented Reality. This is changing the entire shopping experience for the people.

Interior Design

With the help of AR, you can design your home before construction or you can feel the entire interior design of the home with the help of this Augmented Reality. This helps people and companies to design innovative homes.  



Everyone loves games, no matter their age. In Pokemon Go, AR creates a huge impact. AR-based games are not popular these days. These games are a combination of the virtual and real world.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Marketing

Benefits of Augmented Reality Marketing

Increase Sales

Let us assume you went shopping and wanted to purchase clothes. Traditionally we used to try dresses in the trial room but if you do not want to try clothes in the changing room. Here AR will help you, you can easily check your clothes fitting and size measurement in AR Mirrors. It creates an ultimate user experience. This is called “try before buy”.

After implementing Augmented Reality, your product sales will increase too much. People like the new experiences of shopping and purchasing things the new way. In numerous ways, AR Marketing generates more sales for the business.  


People think that highly advanced AR products are high in cost but this is not true. Currently, AR products are more affordable than ever before. A normal businessman can easily afford Augmented Reality-based products for his business. Also, Augmented Reality based marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.  

Reduce Language Barrier

What is your opinion of visual or verbal communication between people from different countries, cultures, or languages? With the help of AR technology, the language barrier can be reduced and we can explain it in visuals.  

Creative Social Media Virals

We are living in a community where people are fascinated by social media platforms. Everyone likes to share new things over social media. There are thousands of examples of social media virals just because of unique ideas. AR is one of the perfect technologies that can be easily viral over social media.

For example- A few days ago a Boston -based digital ad agency conducted an AR pop-up-based exhibition at Huston shopping mall. This consisted of the promotion of Nike’s newly launched AJXX8 new addition to the air Jordan series. They told people about dribbling, jumping, and running with sneakers. The Jordan shoes consist of RFID chips to track their scores.

Through this program, people become engaged and spread information about the event on social media. In a few hours, there are more than 2500+ people to engage in the program.

Virtual Events

In the times of pandemic, no one wanted to go outside and participate in events, that was the time when people were afraid to go outside but wanted to learn new things and create social connections with each other. AR technology comes up with a solution for virtual events.

With the help of AR technology, you can easily conduct virtual events like webinars, seminars, conferences, and many more. This helps people to learn and join all the events virtually from home.

Training Needs

According to a survey conducted by ISACA Survey AR Technologies, in five countries AR is rated in the top 3 technologies used for training. When it comes to developing a product or service, training and knowledge of the AR technology play a key role.

Creating New Investment Opportunities

Augmented Reality is doing really well, people are fascinated about Augmented Reality. If you have any idea and want to develop any kind of Augmented Reality related project or business then you do not need to worry about investment. Because there are thousands of players who want to invest in Augmented Reality-based products.

Future of AR Marketing

AR marketing is the new technology for marketing purposes. In 3D display advertisements, Augmented Reality is used. With the help of Augmented Reality Marketing, you can customize and modify products according to your needs.

Check This Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM_VOp4Fcr4

As you know, people love new technologies whatever they are. Now it’s time to rock advertisements with your own Augmented Reality marketing strategy. Most of the advanced companies have already started working on it. In the next 3 to 5 years, AR-based marketing will be the most valuable Augmented Reality Marketing Strategy.

Personalize Products

One of the biggest advantages of Augmented reality is that you can easily modify and customize products according to the needs and can check before purchase.

With the help of AR, you can change the design and colors of the products  which help the customers and the enterprises to create incredible products.  

Product Education-

With the help of Augmented Reality, you can easily educate thousands of customers at a time. It again saves your time and money. Similarly, consumers want to learn everything they can about the products they will buy. In this way, you can educate the customers in a better way.

Easy to Use And Handy-

People had assumptions about this technology like they are not for beginners but in the case of Augmented Reality, they are wrong.

An uneducated person can also learn and use Augmented Reality based products. It’s easy to learn and use.

Training and Development-

The process of training people is extremely difficult, especially in industries such as product development, heavy manufacturing, research facilities, and the automobile industry. But with the help of Augmented Reality, you can easily train people and check your developed products to reset and assemble them. By putting out their components one by one, we can get a better understanding of their core components.  

Real-Life Live Examples of Augmented Reality:


The Swedish company Ikea developed a system for checking the location and dimensions of furniture within a home so that beautiful spaces can be created. You can change the dimensions of furniture, designs and other things based on your requirements. It helps Ikea to make millions of dollars worldwide.


Coca Cola Augmented Reality Example

In Spain , Coca-Cola conducted an experiment with Madrid EMT, a transportation company, to analyze or predict the route. When the bus comes to a stop, the marquee screen is activated and Griffin comes alive.

This was one of the best marketing strategies done by Coca-Cola.


BBVA bank launched an application. In this application, you can find a home. With this application, you can guess the perfect price of the house which you want to purchase. It shows the real valuation according to the infrastructure of the home, location, facilities available, and type of construction.


This is an application used for beauty and makeup. You can check makeup items before purchasing the products on your mobile phone with the help of virtual reality.

Mercedes Benz

With the help of the MBUX platform, Mercedes Benz used Augmented Reality technology in its latest versions. This technology plots a visual representation of GPS directions on a map.

It increases safety for the driver and passengers by offering a more visual representation of the GPS directions.


Nowadays, Augmented Reality is changing the entire world. Marketing is one of the most important evaluations of Augmented Reality. It helps enterprises and businesses to grow more. There are thousands of companies that are already working on Augmented Reality-based product marketing. In the upcoming 2-5 years traditional marketing will slow down and AR-based marketing will take place. It’s all about the ultimate experience. If you want to grow more in your business, then you need to take the help of Augmented Reality.