Why should enterprises implement the SAP Sales Cloud Solution?

Want to boost the sales of a business and enjoy enhanced revenue generation? If yes, then SAP Sales Cloud is your solution to realize this goal. The main motive of running any business is to reserve their share of profits with operations. Now, the only way of generating a steady profit flow is by selling products or services to the customers.

However, there are times when the efforts of the smartest sales team aren’t enough to draw in desired sales. This is where the need for SAP Sales Cloud comes in role.

But, what is the solution all about? And why is it necessary? Let’s find out!

What is SAP Sales Cloud?

SAP Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) that enables enterprises to deliver extensive and enhanced user experience to customers and engage them in real-time. The solution helps businesses to facilitate the seamless conversion of value-driven insights into compelling actions. In addition, SAP Sales Cloud allows companies to develop effective relationships with customers, which increases the chances of converting leads with ease.

Furthermore, businesses can also facilitate a seamless transition between different systems as the solution can be easily integrated with the pricing and back-office inventory systems. Companies can even use SAP Sales Cloud to track and manage the performance of the business, even when offline.

Reasons to implement SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud has a lot to offer, which is why enterprises that have already implemented the solution enjoy enhanced functionalities and leverage them to grow the business. Therefore, let us find out why one should implement the SAP Sales Cloud solution:

  • Effective Management of Insights and Leads: Any business that can enhance customer engagement can use the same capabilities to improve opportunity management and lead management. SAP Sales Cloud enables companies to facilitate intelligent routing and scoring to ensure that the best sales representatives get high-quality leads.

This allows them to convert more leads into paying customers and bring more business to the enterprise. Further, the solution is equipped with an activity advisor that guides the sales representatives through the most straightforward way of converting a lead or opportunity into a paying customer.

  • Compatible with Smartphones Plus Offline Support: The SAP Sales Cloud solution comes with a highly responsive user interface (UI) technology. This technology allows one to access the solution from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet that can support Android and iOS applications.

The user interface of the solution is designed to maintain the same look across all the devices. In addition, the mobile application version of the solution provides offline support to the sales representatives in the field. This allows them to facilitate effective engagement with the customers even in places without internet connectivity. 

  • Social and Collaborative: Every sales enterprise in the modern-day relies on effective collaboration and uses it as a tool to hasten sales cycles and ensure an increased number of customer engagements.

In addition, SAP Sales Cloud offers new social collaboration capabilities and built-in features such as feeds that enable the sales representative to get access to news feeds about the leads and accounts they are interested in.

  • Visit Management: The SAP Sales Cloud is equipped with enhanced visit management capabilities, including visit routing, visit planning, and visit execution. This can help businesses as they are more focused on the field and feature increased visit volumes that need to be optimized.

In addition, these enhanced capabilities combine with task and activity management, effective audit capabilities, and numerous surveys. Businesses belonging to the consumer product industry generally leverage these other competencies similar to the ‘perfect store’ to execute retail scenarios.

  • Relationship and Account Management: With SAP Sales Cloud, every sales representative gets an enhanced overall view of the key contacts and customers. Further, it also gives them an improved idea of different customers’ service history, engagement history, and transaction history.

Moreover, the SAP Sales Cloud solution provides the representatives with a graphical view of the customers where the decision-makers and key influencers are indulged in a buying center. One of the major perks of the SAP Sales Cloud solution is that it can provide a complete view of the customers as it is equipped with the standard integration to both the back and front office.

  • Latest Technologies: The SAP Sales Cloud has enhanced machine learning capabilities such as opportunity scoring and leads scoring. Apart from that, the solution is further equipped with a comprehensive analytic suite that provides businesses with real-time predictors and embedded analytics. This enables enterprises to track the essential key performance indicators (KPIs). The cherry on top of it is that the solution does not charge any additional fees for this feature.


The SAP Sales Cloud is a highly efficient solution for enhancing customers’ engagements and boosting the sales of a business. The practical features of the solution make it very easy for companies to facilitate effective relationships with customers. Therefore, find a reliable SAP consulting services nearby and get started with the implementation of SAP Sales Cloud.

Author Bio: Eric Smith is an SAP professional providing a wide range of SAP consulting services to his clients. With a knack for technology, he loves to write on the latest SAP developments and share his knowledge with the readers.