Five smartwatches that would make ideal Women’s Day gifts

Five smartwatches that would make ideal Women’s Day gifts, including the NoiseFit Halo, Gizmore Cloud, Fitshot Aster and more. Are you searching for the perfect gift to show your appreciation on Women’s Day? Look no further than 5 smartwatches to give as a token of your affection. From NoiseFit Halo and Gizmore Cloud to Fitshot Aster, here are our picks as the perfect gifts this Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is quickly approaching, offering us the perfect opportunity to express our appreciation for all the women in our lives. While their love and support is invaluable, there are other ways we can show our gratitude. A new smartwatch could be an ideal token of thanks.

Top 5 smartwatches to give on Women’s Day

The Maxima Max Pro Sky costs Rs. 1799 and features screen lock with password as well as customizable QR codes for QR code creation. It boasts a 1.85-inch HD display with resolution of 240×280 pixels and always-on feature, along with advanced Bluetooth calling and 150+ cloud-based watch faces. Furthermore, there are various trackers like Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2, Sleep and Stress monitoring capabilities on board too; plus it boasts IP67 rating protection against dust, sweat and rain.

Gizmore Cloud costs Rs 1499 and features a metallic casing. It boasts a 1.85-inch HD IPS Curved Display with 500nits peak brightness, Bluetooth calling and unlimited cloud watch faces; there’s even a Calculator app as well as essential trackers like Heart Rate Monitor, Women’s Health Monitor Sleep Tracker SpO2 Monitoring; plus it’s waterproof with IP67 rating to withstand sweat or accidental spills.

The cost of NoiseFit Halo starts at Rs.3999 and includes a 1.43-inch AMOLED always on display with a resolution of 466×466 pixels, access to recent call logs, and up to 10 contacts via its Noise Buzz feature. Furthermore, Noise Health Suite includes wellness tools like heart rate monitor, SpO2, sleep monitor, stress measurement plus 100 sports modes and 150+ watch faces to choose from – plus IP68 dust and sweat resistance!

Ambrane Wise Eon Max Smartwatch – Rs. 2799
The Ambrane Wise Eon Max Smartwatch boasts a 2.01-inch LucidDisplay with 550nits peak brightness, 240×283 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, along with over 100 cloud-based watch faces as well as an AI watch face feature which allows users to generate their own watch faces by taking pictures. Plus, there are over 100 sports modes, heart rate tracking and SpO2 tracking plus IP68 water resistance make this smartwatch ideal for outdoor activities.

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