How to add contacts on WhatsApp with QR codes

The WhatsApp messaging application prepares new functions for its users, among others the possibility of adding new contacts through QR codes.

This new function will allow people to quickly add users by scanning the codes with the camera of their mobile device. This way you can avoid having to enter phone numbers manually.

Until now, the function to add new contacts through QR codes is only available in the beta version of the application.

To use this new service, users will have to open the WhatsApp application and select the three vertical points that are located in the upper right of the main screen to enter the settings of the ‘app’.

In the Settings menu, users can find at the top their profile photo, their name and status, as well as a small QR code on the right.

When you select it, you will see two new sections at the top: My Code and Scan Code . The first of them displays the QR code in a larger size, just below the profile photo, phone number and name.

In order for another user to add new contacts, they must also open the QR code section and enter Scan Code. In this way, the ‘app’ will open the rear camera of the device, with which you must point to the QR code of the person you want to add.

Once the code is scanned, the user will see at the bottom of the screen the person’s name and the Add option to add them to the contact list.

Users can also share the QR code through another application or to send it to other people in WhatsApp chat.

In this way, it is possible to share your code without adding the phone number, as well as disabling the old QR code and generating a new one so that other users cannot keep the phone number.

To create a new QR code, you will have to enter the section of your code, select the three vertical points at the top right of the screen and click Reset QR code.

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