How to create stickers with your face for Whats App easily

Maybe you didn’t know that you can customize your images to put them in your mobile chats.+WhatsApp is still the most widely used private messaging application by mobile phone users worldwide. In recent years a large number of utilities have been developed to improve the use of this application, and recently one of the most popular are the ‘stickers’, or small images that can be attached in a conversation.

The options with these ‘ stickers ‘ are very numerous. On the one hand there are the downloadable packs in the Google Play Store or in similar application stores, which contain a large number of pre-designed labels that you can use in all your conversations.

Another option is to ‘collect’ the ‘stickers’ that your contacts send you, saving them on your phone when they arrive and using them from that moment.

You can also customize these labels, with applications that allow you to trim any piece of a photograph and use these cuts as new creations to introduce to your library of ‘stickers’.

But if all this were not enough for you, you have one more option that allows you to create a character with your same facial features and place it in different situations and scenarios.

The most comfortable way to do this is through the Bitmoji application, which allows you to create an avatar with any type of physical appearance, both face and body, even through a selfie . It is amazing the similarity that can be achieved with anyone thanks to its many possibilities.

To use the different Bitmoji as stickers on WhatsApp you just have to enter one of your conversations, open the emoji menu, click on the stickers icon ( a sticker with a happy face ), click on ‘+’ and choose Bitmoji-Add . From then, the option to include Bitmoji in WhatsApp will be fully available.

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