How to format a computer or laptop?

Formatting a PC or laptop is very simple, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Follow step by step how to do it and solve your computer operating system related problems by installing a fresh copy.

The desktop computers and laptops are a technological devices we use every day, whether for work or tasks for school or university. Whatever the case, it is very likely that for your daily use the PC will start to fail, to the point of stopping to work.

Solve this problem for difficult; However, it is not. Before calling the store where you bought the equipment, you better take some time to read this and, perhaps, with a little computer knowledge you can solve the problem.

First of all, you should know that the first thing to do before the formatting process is to make a backup, since when formatting you will lose the information you will need later, such as files or certain programs. That is why in order to recover the information that will be deleted after formatting it is necessary to make a backup .

How do you make a backup?

From the control panel of your PC or laptop you can configure and make your backup. It should be noted that if you use Windows as an operating system you also have the possibility to configure a restore point, so that the files can be restored as they were at an earlier point in time.

On the other hand, it is recommended that you save the backup on a CD, hard drive or directly in the cloud to install it later. Copy and save all program settings and other important data that will be lost when the device is formatted.

It is recommended that you save the backup on a CD, Removable disk, hard drive or directly in the cloud for later installation.

STEP BY STEP: How to format a PC

Before starting the formatting, if it is a laptop the equipment you will format, verify that it is loaded or, failing that, keep it connected to the power so that the process is not interrupted.

If you are sure that you are doing, then continue. In order to format the C drive or the Windows system partition, you will need to boot from some other medium:

Bootable flash drive with Windows or Linux , boot disk.
Any other bootable media – LiveCD, Hiren’s Boot CD.

Special solutions are also available, such as Acronis Disk Director, Paragon Partition Magic or Manager and others. But we will not consider them: firstly, these products are paid, and secondly, for the purpose of simple formatting, they are redundant

Now, we explain step by step how to do it:

If your PC has a program to create system installation copies or you have already created them on a CD before, the option to reinstall it will come out. The latest versions of Windows have Windows Recovery, to perform this process.

Insert the system removable disk or start the Recovery program. With the program you can have the option to install the system at the factory or at a specific time.

Then, the program will ask you which hard drive you want to choose to install on the system. It is recommended to choose the main partition of it.
Then the partition will begin to be performed and then the system copy. Choose which files you want to delete and which ones you will keep.
The PC will continue copying the files you have wanted to save and deleting those that you have not, after this it will restart with the new operating system installed.

The most current equipment, especially laptops, is becoming easier to format thanks to these data recovery and installation programs.

So anyone can do it.

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