How to unfreeze an internet browser to work normally

Unfreeze Your Internet Browser Quickly


Working in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers requires a significant amount of device resources, which makes working on the computer slower and annoys the user. Because some we may open numerous tabs in order to get our work done quickly. So, how to unfreeze an internet browser ?

General recommendations

Computer performance is directly dependent on the amount and speed of RAM. The more tabs open in the browser, the more RAM it consumes. To understand which resource of your PC are under the maximum load, you should open the “Task Manager” using the combination “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” or use the analogue built into the browser.

To know which opened tab is consuming more RAM In Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, Task Manager is located in the More Tools section of the browser menu. If you are using Chrome or Edge, you can open the tool by holding down Shift and Esc at the same time. Then, you can click on the “End Process” button to determine which program or module is using the most resources.

In this way, you can determine which task, tab or utility consumes the most resources, after which you can click on “End Process”. This should help in solving the problem with the speed of the browser. However, you should not thoughtlessly close “everything in a row” – the completion of some processes can lead to an application crash and even data loss.

The Google Chrome browser has a useful feature that significantly speeds up the loading of sites due to the fact that some data is loaded before the user goes to the page. At the same time, the browser loads data even from those sites that the user may not go to in the end.

Refusal of this function will reduce the load on RAM, but may affect the speed of opening sites. To do this, go to the Chrome settings, go to the “Security and privacy” section – “Cookies and other site data”, and then drag the toggle switch to the left in the “Allow page preloading to speed up browsing and search” field.