Machine Learning – Application Examples

The capability of computer systems to know and understand without being explicitly programmed, is how machine learning is defined. It is a form of Artificial Intelligence.A complex computer program has the ability to change, improve and learn, without being told what to do. A machine can thus learn by itself, without a programmer having to put rules or parameters into the program.

This enables the computer to make useful decisions and act in ways that would not have been possible without having a pre-programmed instruction.Machine Learning allows computers to take a ‘new-found understanding of the world, and change the way that they understand the world.

You’ll find applications of machine learning and deep learning techniques that go way beyond what you could achieve with a simple “voice recognition” or “predictive chat” service.With current computer hardware, artificial neural networks can be trained with minimal resources on sparse, low-quality data. We will look at applications in an effort to discover the potential of such algorithms.

With machine learning you can build intelligent systems that act like a human mind, and in many cases the systems will be able to do more and more tasks much faster and more accurately.Machine learning is very useful for many applications.

These are all example applications that are run on computers. And today those systems are limited in the accuracy they can achieve. But there are techniques to achieve better performance and look at how this may be applied to areas such as e-commerce, healthcare, education, robotics and so on.

While machine learning is an interdisciplinary area, one area of application is computer vision, and there’s plenty of hype about the application of this technology in augmented reality (AR) development.The learning of machine learning is in the algorithm design. For example, you can use one method to optimize a goal or map out a journey.

There are hundreds of apps that utilize Machine Learning every day. Let’s see some examples.

Financial services Google suggests the best investment products based on your personal life, including, based on your travel history, the price you paid for a flight and even your preferred option. This allows you to save up to 20% annually!

Facebook’s face detection and recognition technology, which is based on superior deep learning , Automatic friend tagging suggestion by Facebook is a very common application of Facebook that you must have come across while crawling through your Facebook page whenever a picture is uploaded on Facebook, it suggests you asking if you want to tag your friend in the picture or not.

online Ads recommendation and machine learning. Have you ever considered the significance of those advertisements in your search history. For example you want to buy a product on Amazon, but you forgot after sending it to the shopping cart. When you wake up the next day. you are browsing YouTube for some tutorial, you will be astounded to see an advertisement for the same product that you searched on. Because of you Google keeps track of your search history. The ad is then recommended based on that.

The world’s first robotic kitchen Moley will recreate any dish cooked by any massive chef in the world. Moley is a pair of fully articulated robotic hands that can replicate the whole function of human hands with the same speed and sensitivity. Moley kitchen works based upon the machine learning algorithm protocols.

Uber uses machine learning techniques to bring greater personalization into its app. The app starts simply by  asking for your destination and includes a number of predictions based on your habits and current location. For example, if you are at work, it will assume that you want to go home, to the gym, or to the pub. You could say that it is capable of understanding and guessing your travel habits.

For UberEATS uber’s machine learning platform Michelangelo executes numerous algorithms to find meal delivery time forecasts, search rankings, and restaurant rankings. Before an order is placed, the delivery time models anticipate how long it will take to cook and serve a meal, as well as at each stage of the delivery process.

There are numerous applications that are working on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

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