How to send WhatsApp messages without saving phone number


WhatsApp is one the most used applications. WhatsApp makes communication easy. However, it is frustrating that you must first add the person to your contacts to send a message. There are many situations where you only need to send a few messages to a person.

Many third-party apps make this easy for you. It shouldn’t take much to send messages via WhatsApp, even without adding a contact. These apps can cause problems with your smartphone’s security and functionality. Some apps may not work with certain operating systems.

We’ll show how to send WhatsApp messages without adding a contact to your phone book. This method works on both iOS and Android, and does not require you to install any other apps.

How do you send a WhatsApp message to a contact without saving it?

send WhatsApp messages without saving phone number
How to send WhatsApp messages without saving phone number

To start a conversation with someone, create a WhatsApp number. Click on the link to open a chat with that person.

This process can seem confusing at first for those who aren’t very familiar with using their smartphone. It becomes much easier once you have tried it.

Open the browser app on your smartphone.

In the search bar, type the following link:

On your smartphone, press “Enter”.

A WhatsApp window will appear asking you if it is possible to send a text message to this number. Click on “send message”.

The WhatsApp application will automatically redirect you to it with a “start conversation” window for the person that was entered into your phone.

You can send messages to people using WhatsApp if you have it installed on your computer. It is easier and quicker than sending a message via a laptop.

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