The Penaut robot which takes food to patients isolated by the Corona virus


Penaut robot assists a group of people in quarantine at a Hangzhou hotel

The Penaut robot , from the Keenon company , is responsible for bringing food to isolated patients who suffering with Corona Virus in quarantine at a hotel in Hangzhou , China .

A group of travelers on a flight with passengers affected by the coronavirus are in quarantine at a Hangzhou hotel, where a nurse robot is responsible for carrying food while they are under observation .

Peanut, developed by the Keenon company, warns of its arrival as it moves through the halls, so that people open the door and leave just enough to pick up the trays it carries.

The robot is an autonomous assistance model, which has sensors and radars that, together with machine learning technology, allow it to be located in the environment and move safely around it.

Who knows we may get see the Robots which operate critical surgeries in near future.

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