What is Robotics ?

Robotics is a technical science that studies the automation of industrial and other systems using robots. It involves the design, creation and use of robots to interact with the external environment to perform various tasks without human intervention. It is a field of activity related to the development and operation of automated technical systems. Robots are created using special constructors.

Robot making process is extremely engaging for children, since they are able to build a robot on their own and, more importantly, they can see the results. A big plus is also the nuance that classes combine both knowledge and entertainment, and therefore are becoming more and more in demand among children and their parents. If your child shows a sincere interest in technology, pay attention to robotics, Through learning he will master many useful skills, become more independent, active, and confident in himself.

Areas of robotics:

There are many uses for robots, but here are four of the most prevalent areas where robots can be used like industrial robots, robotic scientists, robotic researchers, unmanned aerial vehicles, sapper robots, security and safety, micro and nano robots for research and medical purposes, household robots, vacuum cleaners, window cleaners and personal.

Robots are irreplaceable in the chemical and nuclear industries, they are used as manipulators in conditions hazardous to humans radiation, chemical pollution.

A robotics laboratory is an effective tool for improving engineering training and conducting experiments in the field of education and science. According to research, the volume of sales of robots for these purposes is already 8 million units.

Agricultural robots that can work in the fields around the clock in any weather , performing a variety of agro-technological operations , have proven themselves well .

The use of robotics in medicine makes it possible to create exoskeletons that return the ability to move independently for patients with musculoskeletal disorders.Special medical robots capable of performing surgical operations have already been developed and are being used.

Why is robotics important?

Robotics is a new area of technology used in many areas of daily life, as you can see from the section “Applications and examples of robots”. An important factor in the development of society is the education of all its members in terms of existing technologies. Robotics is not the only reason for its increasing importance. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines are uniquely combined in robotics.

In classroom learning, students explore different disciplines and their interrelationships using modern, technological and fun tools. In addition, the visual presentation of projects that is required of students encourages them to experiment and be creative in the search for aesthetic and workable solutions.

Types of robots

Today, the most important classes of general-purpose robots are models of mobile and manipulation robots. Mobile robots are automatic machines with a moving chassis and controlled drives. They can walk or have wheels, a crawler track, crawl, swim, and even fly.

The manipulation models are based on an automatic stationary or mobile machine, which consists of a manipulator with several degrees of mobility and programmed control that performs motor and control functions in the production process. There are floor-standing, gantry or overhead handling robots. Most often they can be seen in instrument-making and machine-building industries.

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