Amazon New Payment system

Amazon is working on a payment system that credit card users can pay in physical stores using the palm of their hand, According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the Saturday.

The newspaper, which quotes sources familiar with the project, explains that the technology giant plans to offer these terminals to coffee shops, fast food restaurants and other businesses where customers repeatedly perform operations.
According to the WSJ, the plan is still in early stages and Amazon has not wanted to comment.

Like other great technology companies, the company founded by Jeff Bezos is trying to expand its presence in the financial field and with this initiative it could compete with mobile payment systems such as Apple and Google.

According to the WSJ, Amazon recently started working with Visa to test transactions in these new terminals and is in talks with Mastercard.

Initially, the system would require customers to link their debit or credit card to their hands , something they could do at the terminals installed in the stores.

Once registered, they could pay for their purchases only by scanning the palm of their hand in the box.

Amazon, as the newspaper recalls, recently filed a patent for a ” contactless biometric identification ” system that includes a “scanner that generates images of the user’s palm.”

Possible problems

According to the WSJ, credit card companies have expressed concern about the possible fraudulent use of the system, for example by linking a hand to a stolen card , and want to know how the same customer could register more than one card and then choose between them when paying.

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