iOS gets new Google Chrome features

Chrome is updating its iOS browser to offer fresh features to iPhone and iPad users. Updates will be rolling out to Chrome on iOS in the coming weeks. They will introduce an array of new capabilities to the browser, including an integrated password manager, enhanced safety browsing, and many more.

Password Manager

Chrome will also offer an enhanced experience for password managers who do not require an extra password-management application or the integrated iOS password manager if they wish to use it. Google Password Manager on iOS allows Chrome to create, save and manage your passwords across any website or application.

The model for language identification has been updated.

Google will soon be using machine learning in-device to ensure that websites are automatically available in the language you prefer. This feature will not store personal information outside your device, ensuring your privacy is protected and will be based on an upgraded Google recognition model for languages.

Three-dot menu with new three dots

Chrome has also updated the three-dot menu in iOS to make accessing the browser more convenient. Options such as Bookmarks and Reading List will now be higher within the vertical three-dot menu.

Find new content

The new Discover feature that allows users to discover new content might be interesting to them and might be missing if they haven’t been using Chrome for some time. The feature will later be made available to Android users who use Chrome. Chrome browser.

Address Bar actions
A brand new Address Bar

feature lets users enter frequent actions in the address bar. Chrome will show ways to accomplish the same when it comes up. For example, users can look up something similar to “delete histories” and then find the shortcut below to delete their browsing history.

Enhanced Safe Browsing
With the brand new Enhanced Safe Browsing option, users are

secure from malware and phishing attacks. If a user inputs their details into a website, Chrome will alert users by displaying a warning message if the password or username of the user is compromised.
This feature is available already in Chrome for Android and Windows; however, it is now available for iOS. Users can activate Enhanced Safe browsing in Chrome’s Settings > More > Enhanced Safe Browsing and switch the feature on.