NFT holders can rent tokens

Brands can now avail the opportunity to hire a well-known virtual character to advertise their company

Blockchain-based company Mouse Belt Labs has launched Boredjobs the marketplace that lets you rent NFTs from its Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, Cointelegraph reports . Based on the concept of the developers Boredjobs, companies can use the characters to promote their businesses.

Only the NFTs that are accessible for rent, and those who own them sign up on the platform and verify the ownership of the NFT. Mouse Belt co-founder Patrick McLane claimed that within the first hour following the launch the site had accepted more than 200 registration requests by BAYC owners.

When asked how the tokens could be utilized by tenants McLane explained that a small business could create a virtual face of their brand and larger companies can utilize the tokens in marketing campaigns.

McLain has also stated McLain also mentioned that Mouse Belt will continue to help other NFT projects like Mutant Apes and Crypto Punks in the near future. Hollywood actor Seth Green uses his character from the BAYC collection as the main character in a television show. In March the token was taken in April. Green was required to pay the sum of 165 ETH (about $300,000) in order to receive the NFT returned.

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