Tips & Tricks to Fix Corruption due to Table Partition Error in SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is developed with extensive features of table partitioning that enables you to increase the performance of large databases as these partitioned tables have good flexibility and are easy to handle. There are some cases where users have to face corruption due to table partition error in SQL Server 2005. So here in this article, we will discuss the reason and solution of table partition error in SQL 2005. But before we move further let’s understand the database table partition in SQL Server.

Database Table Partitioning in SQL Server:

Database table partitioning in SQL Server is a process of dividing large tables into smaller multiple chunks. Partitioning tables helps to increase the speed of loading and Archiving data. It also reduces the overall response time and enables its users to perform SQL operations easily.

DBCC CHECKTABLE Command is executed to check the consistency and integrity of the tables. And if there is a need to restore or recover the data then the user can use the recent database backup.

Let us understand the situation with an example. Consider that you have two partition tables named as Table A and Table B both the tables have the same columns and the partitioned against the similar column. The user-created the clustered index on table B and leave It. After that, the data is imported to table B with the help of the BULK INSERT command including the TABLOCK option. This leads to damage to the data, and the user will receive an error as ID 8984 or 8988.

Probable Factors for the “Corruption due to table Partition error in SQL Server 2005”

The users face these issues when the metadata of the two tables do not match properly or match incorrectly. When users drop the clustered index of Table B, its metadata gets modified. Then when you change the partitions between tables, the metadata information gets matched incorrectly and at this instant user receives the data corruption errors.

So now, after knowing the reasons behind the corruption, let’s begin with the solution for the corruption due to table partition in SQL server.

Manual Solution to Solve the Table Partition Error

To solve the data corruption issue execute the DBCC CHECKTABLE command. Before moving ahead let’s see how the command DBCC Checktable works.

How Command DBCC CHECKTABLE works

 Before we discuss further it is important to understand some basics about the Database console command.  To perform Command DBCC CHECKTABLE you need to execute DBCC CHECKDB Command. The command DBCC CHECKDB helps you to inspect the logical and physical integration of all the objects in a certain database. Now, check how this command works using these simple steps:

  • Then, the DBCC CHECK CATALOG will execute on the database.
  • Justify or verify all indexed access contents within the database.
  • Checks the link-level steadiness between the metadata of tables, directory of file systems, and files at the time of saving the max data or varbinary data in the file system with
  • Test the service broker data in the SQL database.

But even after executing the command, your problem is not resolved. Professionals suggest deleting the damaged table if a backup copy is available to you. If there is no backup or damaged backup, the best solution is to get them back with the use of professional utilities such as SQL Database Recovery Software.

This SQL recovery tool is an exclusive product supported by the Windows platform that performs recovery of damaged SQL database. It recovers the entire data from corrupted SQL database files. The tool recovers the objects of the SQL database without any hassle.


Here in this blog, we discussed reasons and solutions to corruption due to table partition error in SQL Server 2005. I hope this guide will provide all the required solutions for your concern.