Firefox browser new features 2020

The Mozilla Firefox browser introduces new features to its password manager, Firefox Lockwise, which displays critical alerts to the user when a website leaks, Mozilla said in a statement.

In this way, when the user has been involved in a leak and has used the same password exposed in other online services, Firefox recommends changing the password for security reasons and shows which accounts have vulnerable keys .

This tool does not know the user’s passwords, as Firefox explains, but instead uses an encrypted list of keys that are compared with the data of web page leaks through the Firefox Monitor service.

In addition, the browser suggests strong and complex passwords for new accounts to Internet users , with at least 12 characters between letters, symbols and numbers.

The new version Firefox 76 is available to users from this Tuesday, while Lockwise is available to register from computers and as an additional application for Android or iOS mobiles.

The service, available as a web extension for Firefox , is called ‘Firefox Private Relay’, and it camouflages the user’s email under an ’email’ that acts as an alias.

In this way, every time the user has to fill out an ‘online’ form, sign up for a new ‘news letter’ or try a new service, they can avoid delivering their personal email. However, as Mozilla explains on the product website , emails that reach the alias will be sent to you.

When the user is required to enter an ‘ email ‘, simply click on the ‘Relay’ button to give an alias. Each new record generates a unique alias. The technology company points out that in case the user begins to receive emails that they do not want in a certain alias, they can delete or disable it completely.

‘Firefox Private Relay’ is currently a web extension, but it is in closed beta phase, so it requires an invitation to try it.

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