CES 2020 -Best Tech Products

CES 2020 -Best Tech Products

CES is the world’s tech gathering place for each one of the individuals who flourish with the matter of consumer technologies.

Round phone

The Circle Phone is the result of this line of thought, a reminder that sometimes, if something works, you don’t need to change it. What at first glance looks like a very large stopwatch is actually an Android mobile; The logic behind this design is that it is easier to take with one hand.

Its creators have been attending CES for five years now, and at least they get to talk about their product. Another thing is that one day it will come true , since there is not even a date for the start of production

The TV that needs a flashlight

Most screens emit their own light, and that is why we can see what they show with the light off … but what if it were not? Without that limitation, Looking Glass engineers have developed a holographic screen, capable of displaying content in three dimensions without the need for special glasses.

The interesting thing is that they have converted one of the disadvantages of this system, which needs an external light source, into a functionality. At CES, they demonstrated how it is possible to use a flashlight to illuminate the screen content; So we can focus on specific areas.

Neon, when you go through marketing

That Samsung had something big on hand for CES was evident. Marketing campaign began several weeks earlier, with the advancement of something called “NEON”. Among whispers, there was talk that the Korean company had managed to create an artificial human.

The reality , as usually happens, disappointed a bit, mainly because Samsung itself does not seem to be very clear about what Neon is. Everything indicates that it is a simple service to create digital avatars, animations of people that do not exist created with Artificial Intelligence.

Yes, when you put it that way it’s awesome; but from there to say that they are “artificial humans” there is a stretch. Especially because it is nothing new .

The robot that brings you the toilet paper

The cleanliness always arouses a terrible creativity among the technology companies, and this year not only has not been an exception, but it gives the feeling that it has had more prominence than normal.

This is the case of Rollbot , a robot presented by Charmin, a brand of toilet paper in the US; As the name implies, the function of this two-wheel companion is to bring us a roll of toilet paper when we run out.

AI mosquito detector

There is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep and suddenly hear the familiar ringing in the ear. Mosquitoes are a big problem that requires drastic solutions; including, apparently, training an Artificial Intelligence to detect its presence.

The Bzigo is a camera system with laser beam capable of identifying mosquitoes in the air; apparently, that is the only thing he can do, since the laser beam is not powerful enough to “fry” the invader.

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