How AI Can Help In Building SEO-Friendly eCommerce Website?

If you haven’t been living under a rock for several years, you’ve probably heard of artificial intelligence (AI). However, how can artificial intelligence be applied to e-commerce? 

According to Statista, 1.92 billion people across the globe will engage in ecommerce activities in 2020. By 2023, the number is likely to surpass 3 billion. Because of the increased demand for online products, businesses have had to get more innovative in how they reach out to their target customers. AI is already being used by e-commerce website development companies to better understand their customers, generate new income, and improve the customer experience for existing customers. Companies have had to pull out all the stops to grab online audiences, from dynamic email messages to voice and visual searches. The strength of AI and automation has enabled many of these tools.

Many marketers now use AI to help them improve their ecommerce marketing efforts. Here are a few ways artificial intelligence has influenced ecommerce. When it comes to purchasing, many people choose to do online shopping.

What Impact Will AI Have on E-Commerce?

Because of the current status of the Internet, e-commerce has become more crowded and competitive. To get success business must be faster and savvier than its competition. For example, take the task of custom eCommerce development of a website. All type of data on customers and site visitors is all around us and is constantly collected. What if we could better gather, organize, analyze, and use this data? Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role and transforms Internet marketing services. So, let’s look at how artificial intelligence can assist you in establishing more effective e-commerce SEO methods.

  • Artificial Intelligence Can Help Reduce Cart Abandonment

The average open rate for abandoned cart follow-up emails is 45 percent. In fact, this figure is linked to email marketing automation. An abandoned cart is one of the most obvious signals that a consumer had a technical issue or had a bad experience prior to making a purchase. They were only a few clicks away from making a purchase, and becoming a customer. To reduce cart abandonment, an eCommerce website development company has started adding the feature of AI in the online store. A triggered email that includes a survey is a persuasive approach to bring consumers back while also collecting information that can help you further prevent cart abandonment.

Therefore, most store owners use AI and Machine learning to target the customers and see the level of interest they show in the products. So, with these tools, they check the online behavior of the targeted customers.

  • Artificial intelligence has aided the rise of voice search

According to a recent study, voice searches will account for 50% of all web searches by 2023. Customers can now search for things using their voices thanks to gadgets like Alexa, Echo, Apple smartphones with Siri, and Google Home. As a result, businesses must ensure that their products can be found using voice search. Companies must start optimizing their websites for voice search. Now, businesses leverage machine learning by allowing clients to shop using Alexa. Customers want more convenience in their online buying experience.

Many customers use images to shop online. So, when a store owner creates a customer Commerce development, they should add the functionality of Visual search along with voice search. In fact, some businesses have developed apps through which users can take pictures of items and search in the marketplace. Also, Google has provided this feature to their users. It is all because of AL and ML. To add the feature of visual and voice search to the online store, businesses refine their marketing strategies.

  • AI Allows to Target Specific Customers

When it comes to appealing to ideal buyers, AI removes the guesswork. Companies may now develop ads that target specific buyers based on their online behavior rather than creating a one-size-fits-all campaign.

Marketing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) tools make it easy to collect buyer data, generate dynamic advertising that uses that data, and broadcast relevant ads and content to platforms where potential buyers like to view it.

With the help of AI tools, marketers can create more effective retargeting strategies. Businesses may now easily retarget adverts in areas where customers go online thanks to social media sites like Facebook. No doubt, Artificial Intelligence is becoming strong to read the intent and behavior of the customer.

  • Improve Search Results

We know that a professional marketer can create an engaging and effective web copy to promote the products. However, if the client can not discover. It would be of no help to meet the target. Moreover, customers use search engines and marketplace searches to find reliable products. Do you know that over 40% of the eCommerce traffic comes through organic Google searches? So, SEO is most important for an eCommerce store to achieve success. 

With the use of SEO-based AI, you can do Site performance analysis. Also, it helps in performing the keyword research. In fact, it will improve the content and recommend appropriate tags. So, if your website is user-friendly with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and tags will help you reach your target audience.


We hope our blog helps you understand how AI is crucial for an eCommerce business. E-commerce companies can use AI to assess millions of interactions per day and personalize offers for each customer. So, to provide a kind experience to your customer, get custom eCommerce development to add the features of the AI and ML in the online store.