Multi-profile accounts may soon be available on Facebook

Facebook is exploring a possibility that allows users to make multiple accounts using the same account, as part of an attempt by the platform to increase growth in its user base. This feature is designed to aiding users “tailor their experience based on interests and relationships”.

Although Facebook does not allow users to have several accounts on the platform, this feature will enable users to make up to 5 profiles on their account to interact with various topics or groups of individuals. This could include profiles made to connect with friends instead of coworkers or a profile devoted to a particular pastime like gaming.

The test is taking place when Facebook, the parent of Meta (FB), has a slowing profit and a hefty competition from rivals such as TikTok, which is competing for users’ attention and attention.

Meta is currently transitioning into a business focused on the future of a virtual and augmented reality-enabled metaverse rather than social media. However, it must continue earning profits from its existing platforms to finance investments in the future vision. The company is looking to improve the integration between Facebook and Instagram and make it easier for users to access content and interact with communities across both platforms.

The users of the new multi-profile feature can make distinct identities for every profile they create. The profiles of users’ main accounts must be in line with Facebook’s rules to use the same names that are referred to frequently. There will also be specific Facebook features, like capability to create a profile, which is only accessible only to profiles that are the primary ones of the user.