What are the application areas of artificial intelligence?

Voice recognition:

In order for computers to recognize sounds, frequencies are created by digitizing microphone and sound. Letters or words from the frequencies in question are tried to be understood and converted into numbers. Thus, artificial intelligence recognizes, understands and responds to sound. Artificial intelligence uses the voice recognition feature best with Siri, Now, Echo, Cortana.

Image processing:

Images taken with the camera are digitized and converted into pixels, pixel code. Artificial intelligence algorithms interpret these codes . The best example of image processing is autonomous vehicles.

Natural language (language) processing:

It is one of the most challenging areas of artificial intelligence . It produces solutions to maximize human and computer interaction or to strengthen communication between people speaking different languages. In natural language processing; Deep learning, machine learning, statistical analysis and rule-based approaches are used.

Natural language processing is used from the correction of spelling errors, automatic translation systems, language learning applications to personal assistant applications. Examples of natural language processing are Google, Yandex, Siri, Google Assistant.


Reasoning is reaching a judgment by listening to two sides who have arguments against each other. Artificial intelligence creates various algorithms using existing data thanks to its reasoning feature and can make the most rational decision. For example; Just as a court judge distinguishes guilty and innocent after examining the evidence and listening to the parties, artificial intelligence can distinguish the guilty and the innocent thanks to its reasoning feature.

What are the uses of artificial intelligence in our daily life?

Today, Artificial Intelligence has many uses,

Cyber ​​security and defense industry
Voice assistants
Language translations
Recommendation systems
Social Security
Health Service
Assistant robot applications
Automatic Target Identification
Face Recognition Systems
Speech Recognition, Analyzing
Image Processing and Analysis
Real Time Analysis
Speaker Recognition
Object Recognition
Handwriting Recognition
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Diagnosing Diagnosis (Medicine)
Decision Support Systems
Clinical Decision Support Systems
Artificial Intelligence Games (Chess, Go, etc.)
Data mining
Font Mining
Email Spam Filters
Automatic Image Annotation
Natural Language Detection
Language Detection
Machine Translation
Question Answer Systems
Humanoid Behavior Robots
Voice Speech Systems
Virtual Reality Systems
Media Analysis
Intelligent Security Systems

And there are many more application areas In the business world, other than the above

Many artificial intelligence applications such as Data Visualization, Real-Time Analysis, Financial Analysis Platform, Recruitment, Performance Management, Digital Assistant, Pricing Optimization, Personalization of Recommendations, Sales Forecasting / Manager Planning, Sales Representative Chat / Email Bot (Chatbot) are used.

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