What Is The Difference Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality?

Virtual reality creates a virtual or imaginary world in which the user can immerse themselves to completely isolate themselves from the real world. Lenses such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR are devices that allow us to have a better visual experience since they come with an integrated screen and when they are used they isolate us from the outside at an audiovisual level. wThis technology creates worlds, environments and realities totally independent from the outside with which we can interact and helps us to avoid reality.

A virtual reality game allows us to live a unique first-person experience and immerse ourselves fully in the action without any interference from the outside world. That immersion makes us live the game in a unique way: everything is more intense and real, we can even have sensations close to those that those scenes would transmit to us in the real world.

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the development of different improvements it will be possible to enhance the quality of the games and create more realistic and profound experiences, and also eliminate the adverse effects produced by the use of current kits such as dizziness and headaches mainly.

Thanks to this immersion and isolation, the perfect scenario is created to develop peripherals and accessories that complement the virtual reality experience, the possibilities are almost endless.

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