Windows Virtual Desktop Service On Azure: Know Why It Is Right for Your Business

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is an Azure service that benefits businesses by scaling their virtual desktop environment and providing top-of-the-line security features at a cost-effective subscription-based model.

Amid the COVID-19, companies are trying to figure out ways to extend their remote work infrastructure and keep their operating expenses to a minimum to maintain productivity. Companies, who were leveraging virtual desktop cloud infrastructure on a Microsoft ecosystem, which includes Windows 10 Enterprise or Microsoft 365, are able to make the shift seamlessly.

Another benefit that Azure Windows Virtual Desktop offers to organizations is the control over apps and data while allowing their employees to access those resources from their own devices. A traditional VDI or RDS environment can also provide this service, but when it comes to security and control, Azure VDI creates a winning combination.

 Microsoft Azure as a VDI Platform

DevOps, backups, file storage, monitoring, and the other typical features that cloud technology offers have a new neighbor- VDI in Azure, and it may be the next big thing!

According to Microsoft, Azure provides the most secure public cloud platform and offers the best DaaS security model for customers by removing the installation and maintenance burden. Hosting desktop on Azure allows companies to configure, secure, and maintain their desktops for remote workers without installing apps remotely on the end user’s device.

Let’s examine how all this would affect users, admins, and everyone willing to adopt Windows Virtual Desktop Service on Azure.

 Improved User Experience 

With Windows 10, end users generally receive an updated desktop providing a familiar desktop user experience.

Also, Windows Virtual Desktop includes client-centric features such as Cortana, Skype, and Edge. In contrast with traditional remote desktop services, Azure VDI allows multiple sessions on a virtual machine (VM) running Windows 10. Therefore, company can have multiple users accessing the same virtual machine, resulting in reduced costs on maintaining multiple VM licenses. Furthermore, these sessions take place separately, providing higher security and privacy. It all leads to better user experience.

 Benefits for Administrators/ Managers 

Windows Virtual Desktop introduced a new administration experience built directly into the Azure Portal. Using this graphical interface, essential tasks can be performedfaster and more efficiently, which includes deploying and managing virtual desktops and apps, assigning users tasks, and performing integrated monitoring and diagnostics.

Windows Virtual Desktop also possess the ability to scale virtual machines using depth-first load balancing dynamically. It helps in adjusting the inbound connections to your host pools.

With Virtual Desktop Service on Azure, it eliminates the administrative and configuration burden required to assimilate them.

 Migrate to Microsoft Azure VDI

If companies are still using Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 desktops, or other RDS desktops, it may be time to consider migrating to the Azure platform.

 Azure VDI, as a service, allows a user to access Azure WVD from any operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android. It provides the client with OS flexibility beyond any BYOD scenarios that companies generally use to expand their remote work footprint.

Azure, backed by VDI as a service, show case an advanced technology that makes it easier for existing customers to adopt the latest cloud technologies and to solve their business problems using these technologies.

Final Words

The VDI Azure is here to stay, and learning how to leverage it to the fullest, is in an organization’s best interest.

If you want to experience the authentic cloud-based offerings, virtual desktop service on Azure,it may be considered the ideal platform to migrate to. Once you have received the Windows desktop operating system license, you can host Windows 10 on Azure and create a VDI environment using any tool.

To learn more or find out how it can benefit your business, you can hire a professional virtual desktop service provider, who can assist with managing your Azure VWD environment.

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