what is virtual reality

Entering Virtual Reality, which is one of the concepts that entered our lives. It is possible to experience an existing or fictional atmosphere by using mostly visual and audio tools. Both of these tools are being enriched day by day.

virtual reality

What are the Tools for Virtual Reality?

What does it take to feel like we are in this computer-generated or developed design universe? With the new generation of glasses made for this purpose, we now have the opportunity to announce virtual voices and move virtual objects. It seems quite difficult to predict the next move of this growing technology.

Virtual reality glasses have been deceiving people’s senses since 1965. This concept, which was born in a scientific article in America, became increasingly “real.. Now, even if we can’t say it’s completely widespread, it has increased usability in various fields. The virtual reality, which was developed with tiny screens that tried to develop in the military and industrial field, has changed considerably over the years.

Where is Virtual Reality Used or Experienced Now?

With the 2000s, the products of technological developments shrank and rapidly started to affect daily life and ordinary people with the acceleration of developments in display technology. Wearable devices and glasses that hybridize with screens were designed. Many experiments have been successful, which is the dream of scientists around the world.

For example, international giant companies easily experiment with smart glasses. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Intel are among them. In the light of the university research they support, these giants push the boundaries; The virtual reality glasses produced are also connected to the software is reaching more and more users day by day.

Thanks to hardware and software developers, this technology, which will offer fast experience in more and more areas, is one of the strong factors that will affect our future. Even now, we have gradually started to experience virtual reality through smart screens and glasses in many areas from education, health, automotive to industry.

The defense and entertainment sectors, which are among the exit areas, lead the way. In these areas, innovative applications are created with unique solutions that enrich people in terms of what they can do, make life easier. Today, the most common and easy way to reach the targeted experiences or information is to exceed the limits of what we will do with mobile phones. Mobile access and the Internet fit even more into our ordinary headphones or goggles.

With the ever-evolving mechatronic possibilities and artificial intelligence, science has made such dreams come true. Glasses and similar enhancement accessories designed for virtual reality will soon fit in as a personal consultant, making life easier on every subject.

Science and Art Together with Ease of Access

For example, institutions such as the French Cultural Centers in Turkey from time to time they’re staying contemporary artists using their work or VR major collections of many famous museums. The Mona Lisa painting may not be physically able to play in Turkey; it can be very costly for you to go and see. However, with virtual reality technology you can observe such special works by having a close experience in Izmir or Ankara.

In short, there is no space that virtual reality does not touch. Especially virtual art is perhaps the only point where contemporary art and science are so close to each other. With the atmosphere created, you can explore the planet surface or a museum miles away, or even explore the world of a computer game you love. Moreover, everything will come to your place and come to life and will provide you with this unforgettable experience. This must be the magic of reason and science…

We are surrounded by an increasingly automated and spontaneous science. From the question of whether a driverless traffic is possible to the dream of a self-catering kitchen, it wants to make life easier with human creations. With the ever-evolving technology, you can experience a previously seen environment just like you. You usually enter this world with a spectacle or headgear and control arms, convinced that your mind is seeing what it sees.

Virtual Reality in the Future

The impact of virtual reality in personal applications is expected to improve. Of course, computer games play a major role in the rapid advancement of this technology. Likewise, we will continue to see virtual reality in the game industry with life-like and fantastic worlds. The possibility of films and books and scientific studies turning into three-dimensional article-like materials using virtual reality is breathtaking. On the one hand, travel concepts, extreme sports and hard-to-reach places that appeal to our sense of discovery seem to be going to the hall of our house through this technology. So you will feel the wind at the top with your smartphone.

Nowadays, gaming devices are becoming more and more widespread. It should not be forgotten that this is reflected in the health and education sector competing with entertainment. There is already an evolving use in robotic surgery technologies and simulation training opportunities. In the long term, development is a technology that will branch and snag, making life easier. It will continue to evolve.