What is Perlmutter ? World’s fastest AI super computer

Perlmutter is the world’s fastest AI supercomputer, as claimed by Nvidia, NERSC.

Named after Known astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter, the brand new supercomputer boasts 6,144 NVIDIA A-100 Tensor Core GPUs. It will probably be tasked with stitching with the largest ever 3D map of this observable universe, along with other endeavors.

Perlmutter ai super computer
Image courtesy : www.nersc.gov

Perlmutter has been “the quickest system on our earth” at communicating workloads with the 16-bit along with 32-bit mixed-precision mathematics employed in artificial intelligence (AI) software.

This supercomputer will help build the most significant 3D map of this observable universe thus far. It’ll process data out of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), also a sort of cosmic camera which could capture as much as 5,000 galaxies in one exposure,” as told by Nvidia worldwide HPC/AI product advertising lead Dion Harris.

An identical soul fuels many endeavors that’ll operate using NERSC’s new supercomputer. By way of instance, work in science intends to detect atomic connections, which may point how to enhance batteries along with biofuels.

Conventional supercomputers can scarcely manage the necessary math to create simulations of several atoms within a couple of nanoseconds with apps like Quantum Espresso. However, by mixing their exceptionally accurate simulations with machine learning, scientists could study more electrons within longer period of time.

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