The robot (iCub) thinks if it smiles

the robot icub thinks if it smiles 3542

Researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology conducted an experiment in which participants communicated with the anthropomorphic robot iCub. People tend to attribute robots’ ability to make free decisions if they behave emotionally, and a robot that behaves like a person thinks if it acts like a human. It is unclear if there is a … Read more

Robots begin to develop different stereo types


A study has found that robots created using open data replicate harmful stereotypical behaviors.This is a summary of a paper made available at the conference about transparency, fairness, accountability, and fairness, which the Association for Computer Science organized. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Washington tested stereotypes … Read more

Kawasaki introduces Bex, the rideable robot goat

robot goat

In the International Exhibition in Tokyo, Japanese engineers introduced a brand-new four-legged robot to the public. The robotic engineers at Kawasaki sought an equilibrium between the speed of a bipedal machine that can navigate terrains with uneven surfaces and the strength of a wheeled machine that can avoid balance issues by ensuring that all wheels … Read more

Blood pressure monitoring robots

bp checking robots.

A group of researchers at SFU is developing sensing robots. With the help of their 3D printed origami sensors, these humanoid robots can measure your blood pressure. These robots reduce the burden placed on health care workers. Researchers at Simon Fraser University have developed a robotic arm that can take a patient’s blood pressure with … Read more

RPA Trends 2022

rpa trends 2022

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a step-change in the simplification of process and manual tasks, accomplished by using software robots to execute repeated, high volume tasks. RPA typically takes place without any human involvement. It reduces costs and can enable organizations to become agile, more competitive and meet customer needs better. In this article we … Read more

What is Robotics ?


Robotics is a technical science that studies the automation of industrial and other systems using robots. It involves the design, creation and use of robots to interact with the external environment to perform various tasks without human intervention. It is a field of activity related to the development and operation of automated technical systems. Robots … Read more

Innovation of Robotic Technology for Medical Surgery: The Bright Future of Surgical Robotic Systems

Robotic Technology for Medical Surgery

The healthcare industry has evolved tremendously and its future lies with the emergence of novel technologies that advance at an unprecedented speed. The advent of surgical robotics disrupted the medical industry and the way patients are treated in hospitals. The minimally invasive surgeries not only reduced the recovery period of the patient but also make … Read more

RPA will be the solution for every business

Robotic process automation

Nearly All Businesses have embarked on RPA (Robotic process automation) adoption and Includes new technologies Within the Upcoming few years that will Enhance the Beauty to enterprise customers by offering more Innovative Usage cases. Pc software and monetary services businesses were among the very first to embrace RPA. During the upcoming couple of decades, the … Read more

How is RPA technology taking the burden off the business world?

RPA technology robotic process automation

Businesses are turning towards more advanced approaches that help them stand in the competitive world. Automation of the repetitive task has always been the talk of the town as businesses need to spend a lot of their time, effort, manpower, and money behind the things that can be a program using technology to accomplish these … Read more

Sanitary robots will serve to create COVID-19 free zones

Sanitary robots

Among other functions, humanoid robots would have the ability to patrol spaces, dialogue with clients or patients, emit auxiliary calls, play audiovisual content, make video calls remotely, recognize faces, gender, emotional state, age, and take temperature measurements. The Spanish capital company Grupo ADD – Futura Vive Technologies has announced the creation of a range of … Read more

India will send a humanoid female robot into space

Vyom Mitra

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for the first time showed a prototype of a semi-humanoid robot that they plan to send into space as part of the ambitious Gaganyaan national program. The humanoid robot’s name is Vyom Mitra (Vyommitra: viom (translated as “space”) and mitra (“friend” or “deity”). According to Vyom Mitra herself (this … Read more

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