Xiaomi lamp which disinfects the Room Air

According to the Computer Today portal, one of the technology companies that has given more to talk in recent years is Xiaomi .

The Chinese firm is characterized by launching devices very interesting and different from what we had seen so far, so this time it has surprised us again with this lamp that cleans and disinfects our home virus.

Breathe easy with the Xiaomi lamp that not only lights up your room but also disinfects the air you breathe.

It is an intelligent lamp capable of eliminating 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in a room of 20 to 30 square meters, as well as alerting the user when there are viral agents in the air.

Due to its oval design, which allows the entry of air in 360 degrees , the room is kept completely disinfected. Likewise, the lamp incorporates two Philips UVC tubes that are heated and are responsible for disinfecting the virus area . Inside the tubes there is mercury to perform the measurements and detect possible alerts in the environment.

Its dimensions adapt perfectly to any room, it has a size of 245mm x 120mm x120mm and 35W of power, which purifies 99.99% of the air of a room between 20 and 30 square meters.

In addition, its useful life is 9,000 hours of use and up to 12 hours of daily use can be programmed.

The user can control this device from the Mi Home app on his smartphone, set its usage parameters and create on and off schedules. Also, if the lamp detects any agent, it will warn the user through an audible alarm, and a notification will also arrive through the app .

This product will be on sale on March 5 on your Youpin crowdfunding platform around 1900/- rupees to change.

Xiaomi currently doesn’t offer a standalone lamp specifically designed for air disinfection. However, they do have a few products that combine lighting with air purification functions:

1. MIJIA Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite: This air purifier features a UV lamp alongside HEPA and activated carbon filters to kill bacteria and viruses while removing pollutants from the air. It also doubles as a smart lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature.

2. MIJIA Disinfection Air Purifier: This newer model goes a step further with a powerful UVC LED lamp that continuously irradiates and disinfects the air within the purifier itself, preventing secondary air pollution. It also offers HEPA and activated carbon filtration for broader air purification.

3. Mi Smart Antibacterial Desk Lamp: While not specifically made for room air disinfection, this desk lamp incorporates an antibacterial coating on its surface that claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria. It may offer some indirect benefit by reducing bacterial growth on the lamp itself, but it won’t actively disinfect the air in the room.

Choosing the best option depends on your specific needs and budget:

  • If you prioritize room air disinfection and smart lighting, the MIJIA Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite or MIJIA Disinfection Air Purifier might be best.
  • If you mainly need a desk lamp with some antibacterial properties, the Mi Smart Antibacterial Desk Lamp could be suitable.

Important Safety Note: UVC lamps can be harmful to human skin and eyes. Always ensure proper ventilation while using devices with UVC lamps and avoid direct exposure to the UV light.