How to tuneup wireless headphones

The wireless headphones are a useful accessory for traveling by public transport to go to work or while exercise routines are performed in the gym, allowing listen to music or our podcast favorite without relying on the cable that connects to the mobile.

However, after several weeks of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, they may have ended up abandoned in a corner waiting to be allowed to go outside again . But even if they are not used, you must take into account elements such as the battery or the temperature of the place where they are stored so that they remain in good condition.

Wireless headphones usually have a lithium battery, which implies that there is no memory effect and we can charge them at any time. However, and as they point out from Motorola, it is important to avoid that it is completely downloaded , or it could lose load capacity.

Following this, it is recommended that the battery is always at a charge level of between 20 percent and 80 percent to extend its life.

Batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and can easily degrade . Above all, now that the good weather begins to appear, if the headphones have been exposed to high temperatures, the technology company advises placing them on a cool surface.

The “ideal”, however, is that the headphones “are stored in a sleeve or case, ” say Motorola,

In this time without use, cleaning should not be neglected either . In addition to accumulating bacteria, they have probably been filled with dust and dirt, which can affect the quality of the sound they emit.

A “quick and effective” way to remove any remaining dirt is to remove the pads and wipe them with a cloth dampened in soapy water, as advised by the company. The same applies to the surface of the earpiece, although more care must be taken not to damage it.

We also recommend taking a look at the product specifications and the manufacturer’s recommendations again. In this way you will ensure that they are used in the most appropriate way possible and you can avoid risky situations for the device, such as exposing it to humidity or rain when it is not waterproof, for example.

Finally, you should check for device updates . After a period of disuse, the headphones may also have new software updates. It is recommended to check their availability in the official manufacturer’s application and install them, to solve possible problems, add functions or provide compatibility with other new products.

Similarly, from Motorola they advise doing a test and verifying that the synchronization with the ‘smartphone’ remains active, before going out with them.