Top highlights from CES 2024 – Get ready to be amazed

Brace yourself for the most exciting tech revelations at CES 2024!

📺 A $200,000 TV at CES 2024 folds into furniture, seamlessly hiding seams with bright LEDs.
🤖 Samsung’s AI family Hub Plus fridge recognizes, tracks food, plans recipes, and alerts about expiring items.
🧹 Robo Rock’s S8 Max V Ultra automates cleaning with a smaller dock, hot water mopping, voice assistant, and obstacle avoidance.
☀️ The Netherlands’ solar buggy, “The Squad,” starts at $6,000, featuring solar panels for self-charging.
🔥 Electric grill heats up to 700°F, controlled by an app, backed by the parent company of Char-Broil.
🤫 A noise-muffling device, resembling a face mask, creates a sound bubble, muffling voices up to 80% for confidential calls.
🔒 LLE introduces the first door lock with facial recognition, unlocking when your face is registered.
🕶️ Smart prescription glasses, Dusk RX, adjust tint automatically, featuring open-ear audio and wireless charging.
🎶 The exopod chair with 20 speakers adjusts sound based on seating position, creating an immersive experience.
📽️ xgy’s Horizon Max, a motorized gimbal projector, and the Aladdin 2.0, a lamp-projector combo, offer impressive features under $3,000.
🖐️ NeuroLab’s air gesture software, responsive and compatible with any camera, brings Minority Report-like control.
🚙 The Pebble Flow, a smart electric RV, autonomously hitches onto your car, features a 45 KW battery, and a solar panel for off-grid living.
🏠 Samsung’s SmartThings updates include a map view, QR code for guests, and integration with Tesla’s API for energy monitoring.
🛋️ AI-powered mattresses, lighting systems, and companion devices showcase varied applications of artificial intelligence.
🚗 Sony’s Apila electric car with intense screens and futuristic features, including PlayStation controller support, will be available for pre-order next year.
🐾 Poort’s motorized pet door, Sevi’s integral heating for quick, even cooking, and Yarbo’s modular design robot lawnmower stand out among innovative home devices.
🏡 Aara’s M3 Hub for smart homes ensures local reliability and automatic backups, presenting a reliable smart home solution.
🍰 Seevi’s integral heating cooks blueberry cakes in 2 minutes, showcasing a new way of cooking called “integral heating.”
🤖 CES 2024 features a range of robots, from cute companions to a drink-making robot, and the New Bar’s 360 offers a fun device for mixing drinks at home.

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