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  • Required exclusive content to not published anywhere on the web before or after.
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  • Author Profile with Headshot.

1. Guest posts submitted must have unique content. Your guest post must not distributed anywhere else on the world wide web (counting your own blog) or planned to post on other website with the same content.

Note : Before sending relevant content use following websites for validation purpose

2. Must be a human generated and curated Content. Guest post should be more than 700 words. Content of the guest post should be relevant to the niche , Well-examined so that guest post is easily to understood by our visitors. Grammar errors and spelling mistakes must not be entertained. Guest post authors must check for proper formatting like headings, subheadings etc. before sending mailing us.

3. Provide at least one copyright free high definition image.

4. Guest post authors must provide us a short author bio with headshot image.

5. The guest post authors should follow Webmaster Guidelines while writing the content.

6. We only accept one or two backlinks based upon quality of the content.

7. Free guest post authors must wait at least 0- 48 hours for publication, It is ADMIN’s decision whether to publish an article or not and it is based on quality of content, backlinks requests and how fresh is the content and whether the content related to technology category or not.

8. Become a regular contributor with great , unique , informative and valuable content.  

9. Guest post authors must provide image in .jpeg ,png format and image size should be less than 200 kb.

10. We do not allow any revisions to guest posts once they have been published, unless it is highly required.

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Technology Write For Us

Topics related to Technology like below are accepted for Free Guest Post

How to contact for a guest post?

It is great to have you interested in writing for Tech Resider. We are always looking for quality guest posts and sponsored articles. Contributions should inspire or inform readers, and they should raise awareness. 

Get in touch with us via mail with the subject of a guest post at admin at

In the current fast-paced digital age technology has become a permanent element of daily life. From revolutionary innovations to the latest technological advancements, the realm of technology is evolving quickly. Are you a tech enthusiast and keen to share your thoughts to a larger public? If yes, we would like you to join our community and submit your thoughts to us! We at Techresider provide an opportunity for tech-savvy individuals like you to display their talents and thoughts. Find out what you can do to be an active member of our community.

Embracing Technological Progress

In this day and age technology is at center of every industry. Be it cybersecurity, artificial intelligence blockchain, cybersecurity, or renewable energy, every field is witnessing remarkable advancements. Writing for us you have an opportunity to dive into these areas, examining the most recent trends and developments that are changing the world.

Submitting a Guest Post

If you’re a person with an interest in technology and an aptitude to write, then we would like you to submit an article for our platform. Our guidelines are straightforward and yet efficient. Your piece must be original engaging, well-studied, and informative. We appreciate fresh perspectives and ideas that can enrich our readers’ knowledge of technology.

Exploring AI and its Real-World Applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been recognized as a game-changer in a number of sectors. The possibilities for personalized advertising to self-driving cars, possibilities of AI are numerous and transformative. Learn from our readers by writing an engaging piece about AI’s practical applications and how it is transforming businesses.

Enhancing Cybersecurity: Safeguarding the Digital Realm

Our lives are becoming increasingly connected to digital platforms and devices, the need for strong security has never been more important. Write an informative article on the most recent cybersecurity trends, the best practices in addition to the necessity of securing sensitive information in a digital world.

Unleashing the Potential of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain disrupts traditional systems and allowing for new possibilities. In supply chain, finance, or healthcare Blockchain technology is changing the way we conduct transactions as well as manage information. Discuss your knowledge about this technology decentralized and the potential it holds for the future.

Green Technology: Paving the Way for Sustainability

The world is moving towards more sustainable ways of living technology plays an integral part in this shift. Solar power, electric vehicles and eco-friendly devices are only a few examples of the positive impact that green technology can have. Create an essay that emphasizes the importance of adopting sustainable technology for a more sustainable future.

The Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are no longer restricted to science fiction. They are revolutionizing entertainment as well as education and healthcare. Explore the world of VR and AR and let us know your thoughts on how they are changing the face of various sectors.

As technology continues to change the world, there’s never been more appropriate time for you to express your enthusiasm and expertise. Writing for us gives you the opportunity to motivate as well as educate and interact with technology enthusiasts around the world. So, why not take advantage of it? Join our blog and be part of our thrilling journey into our future in technology!

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