How to Protect your Android Devices

How to Protect your Android Devices

Online protection and privacy are fundamental digital rights. No matter how dependent we become on our smartphones and computing devices, we need to set boundaries, control access to our digital movements and reclaim our online freedom. If you are an Android smartphone or tablet user or planning to buy an Android device, this security and … Read more

How to add contacts on WhatsApp with QR codes

How to add contacts on WhatsApp with QR codes

The WhatsApp messaging application prepares new functions for its users, among others the possibility of adding new contacts through QR codes. This new function will allow people to quickly add users by scanning the codes with the camera of their mobile device. This way you can avoid having to enter phone numbers manually. Until now, … Read more

How to migrate PST files to Office 365 Cloud?

How to migrate PST files to Office 365 Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 is designed especially for the business environment. It provides the various services to its users and hence gaining more users that wanted to use it. Now, think if you as the user or your organization want to migrate from one platform to another. Then the biggest concern of the user or the … Read more

How to make your desktop computer work faster

How to make your desktop computer work faster

In the midst of the crisis the planet is experiencing due to the pandemic caused by the covid-19 , the use of home computers has increased considerably. And whether it’s used to work remotely, enjoy multimedia content, or communicate with family or friends, a slow computer can be quite a headache. But do not worry, … Read more

How to tuneup wireless headphones

how to tuneup wireless headphones

The wireless headphones are a useful accessory for traveling by public transport to go to work or while exercise routines are performed in the gym, allowing listen to music or our podcast favorite without relying on the cable that connects to the mobile. However, after several weeks of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, they … Read more

How to reduce the risks in your video conferences

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The cyber criminals are always looking for new opportunities to steal data from the Internet, access corporate information and, ultimately, make money from it all. The current situation caused by Covid-19 has opened a range of possibilities and experts warn that there is a wave of cases of ‘phishing’, extortion, ‘ransomware’ and attempts to breaches … Read more

How to format a computer or laptop?

How to format a computer

Formatting a PC or laptop is very simple, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Follow step by step how to do it and solve your computer operating system related problems by installing a fresh copy. The desktop computers and laptops are a technological devices we use every day, whether for work or tasks for … Read more

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