How iPhone Implements AI in its Devices?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking over the world in a storm and many companies are investing heavily in it. Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others are including AI in their devices be it laptops, mobile phones, or other. This integration helps companies to understand their users’ needs and provide them with an easy and interactive experience of interacting with their devices.

Over the years, AI has matured a lot, and so has its use case. Today it is used in almost every industry in some way or another. This provides companies with the ability to provide customers with the right information and help them serve their needs.

Let’s see how Apple is using AI in its devices and providing its customers with world-class experience:

Facial recognition:

Within Photos, facial recognition places a crucial role. It can create memories based on a person or group of people in correlation with a group of dates or a single date at specific intervals. So, AI is used to simple surface a notification on your phone screen to tell you that the phone has created a special birthday video for your child, year after year.

Health Monitoring:

There is a lot that you can monitor via your iPhone with the help of AI. Your phone provides you with features like period tracking, mindfulness, breathing, walking steadiness, running, sleep tracking, and more. These features help you to lead a better lifestyle and have a healthy body.

For example: if you enable the period tracking feature, initially it will ask you to log your period date along with symptoms you are going through. Further, on the basis of this data, it will provide you with a notification as to when your next period is going to come.

What all this monitoring does is, over time, it can give you a bigger picture of your health, as well as alert you to oncoming abnormalities with predictive analysis.

Native Sleep Tracking:

This feature is available in Apple Watch which provides its users with a holistic approach to sleep. It tracks micro-movements using an accelerometer to capture when you sleep and how much sleep you get at night. This provides you with a visual representation of the time you are awake and sleep, and also view your sleep patterns weekly.

The same feature is also available in the iPhone; it too accurately helps you to measure your sleep. Here’s how it works: sleep tracking feature, at your defined time it will turn on Wind down, i.e turning on your alarm and blurring out your notifications. All the notifications will hide until your wake up time and provide you with enough time to prepare for bed. Moreover, it will even track your sleep and provide you with data as to how many hours you sleep every day, which you can use further to define your night routine.

This monitoring ensures that your alarm wakes you gently when you are out of your deep sleep stage, instead of harshly disturbing your rest. This leads to better waking upstate, which positively affects your mood and how your day goes.

App Library Suggestions:

The App library layout in iOS is useful to find a folder that uses on-device intelligence and displays suggestions of applications. This helps small AI-powered features and is useful when you use certain applications more often.

Translate App:

The Translate app makes it easy to translate words and phrases in 11 languages on your iPhone. You can get definitions for translated words, have conversations in different languages, save translations for quick access, download language for offline use, detect language spoken, have conversations in real-time, etc. All thanks to the integration of AI in the iPhone and allowing users to use it in the best possible way.

Sound Recognition:

The sound recognition feature can be extremely useful for people who have hearing disabilities. You can set your iPhone to listen to different sounds like a crying baby, barking dog, siren, doorbell, smoke detector alarm, etc. Your iPhone can detect them accurately and the user can see an alert on their phone even when they can’t hear one. This can enable them to take their own agency.


Apple is the leader in the tech industry when it comes to innovation, integrating and implementing the latest technology in their devices. Today more than ever, there are millions of iPhone users who are making the best use of it and relying on the power of AI to get things done. Be it monitoring their health, translating from one language to another, sleep tracking, Siri shortcuts, etc.

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Read to know how Apple is using AI in their devices and how that makes for features that improve one’s quality of life.



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