What To Look For in Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop Provider?

Today’s generation of entrepreneurs is always keen to research and implement new technologies in their business operations. They wish to invest in future-proof technologies that enhance their business growth and improve overall business productivity.

One such technology that has gained a massive reputation recently is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). It allows the users to access a customized virtual desktop from the device of their choice via the Internet.

Experts believe that the VDI market is ready to see rapid growth in the coming years as it is becoming more and more among companies are focusing on remote working because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, it is necessary to understand VDI in detail before taking a final decision, as choosing the right cloud hosted virtual desktop provider will help you get the desired results. You have to know if the offered services will suit your business needs or not.

Let’s try to understand what you should look for while choosing the right cloud VDI provider:

 1.  Data Security

In today’s digital economy, data is the new oil. Any data breach can result in the loss of millions of dollars. Also, such incidents spoil your reputation in the market, which makes it difficult for you to offer your services to the existing clients and close new deals. Thus, it would help if you looked for a VDI provider that offers top-notch data security with premium features.

It would be best to ask if the service provider offers the latest firewalls and antivirus, antimalware for cyber-protection, automatic intrusion detection. Also, you must enquire whether providers’ cloud servers are safeguarded with physical security features like CCTVs and whether they have high-security features for data protection. Some of the other security features are multi-factor authentication, end-to-end 256-bit data encryption, and the like.

2.   Regular Backups

Data, when stored digitally, is not solely vulnerable to cyber threats. Unprecedented events such as high-magnitude earthquakes or even causal mistakes like an accidental water spill can permanently damage your database and cripple your organizational operations. So before you go with a VDI provider, it must have a thorough insight into their data managing capabilities.

It would help if you asked your provider about whether they will automatically back up your data, their backing frequency, and also the expertise of the personnel involved. And in case a technical glitch crashes your data, ask them about their estimated window period that they will require for successfully restoring your whole data. Also, as natural calamities can cause severe collateral losses, please enquire about the number of their data servers and ensure that they are strategically located to minimize the environmental damage.

3.   Desired End-User Experience

One of the main reasons why everyone upgrades to the latest technology is to enhance their user experience. The implemented tech must satisfy your desired organizational effectiveness and boost its structural efficiency. It should have all the qualities necessary for increasing your operational performance. Hence, after deciding to add VDI to your IT arsenal, you must look for a service provider that gives you the desired end-user experience.

As the needs vary accordingly with the business involved, ask your VDI provider whether they can satisfactorily answer your requirements or not. Enquire about the different resources such as the required RAM, storage space, etc., which you will need during your VDI usage. Also, you must ensure if they are capable enough to provide a smooth VDI experience – reliable and lag-free.

4.   Pricing Plans

While incorporating the latest technological innovations can significantly ramp up your organizational progress, a correct estimation of the costs involved is also crucial. A hosted VDI solution holds sufficient computational potential for stellar performance delivery. However, if the pricing plan is not carefully chosen, the initial investment may eventually outweigh its intended benefits and bring down your cost-efficiency. Hence, before settling for them, you must openly discuss the pricing plans with your VDI provider.

There must be a balance between their service range and the cost required, with the latter falling well within your expectations. They should have a pay-as-you-go model as it provides more freedom over resource allocation and saves you from any sudden upfront investment. You can also enquire whether any hidden costs may surface during your VDI usage or any additional charges for services like disaster recovery, technical support, or data backup.

5.   Uptime

VDI performance is defined by its server configuration. However, there are certain key areas where the VDI provider must provide adequate support for consistent service. The uptime availability is one such critical area, resulting in considerable financial losses if not adequately addressed. The longer the downtime, the more damage your business takes. Hence, before you go for a service provider, make sure they have quality uptime service.

Instead of simply trusting their uptime claims, you should look for a VDI provider with an SLA-backed uptime guarantee. They must have a minimum of 99.99% availability. Any lesser than that, and you can easily see your employees waiting for hours before their systems come back online. Also, if they offer round-the-clock services, enquire whether they will have personnel available or not so that you are not the one sitting idly when an emergency hits you.


While choosing a VDI solution boosts organizational performance, selecting the right service provider is equally essential for its success. To complement the enhanced user experience with VDI, an ideal service provider must have premium security measures, provide assured backup, and have SLA-backed uptime with competent IT staff. Also, their service plan must be flexible and within your budgetary reach. So, when you finally go for VDI, make sure you have the best service provider.

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